The Wine Cellar Is Relocating

We are closing in on that time, folks. 
We’ve already started moving boxes into the new place and we’re packing more. 
The Wine Cellar is about to have a new location of which we will stay for 5 years or more. 

In this space, we have a 3rd bedroom that can be the studio room, so we will no longer be struggling to do it from the bedroom. 

And shortly after we move, Phoenix Calida will be quitting her job at the church and she will be Full Time on The Wine Cellar. 

We’ll keep it casual on this one and go over so backed up show notes that we’ve been too busy to turn into episodes.

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Sex Worker Rights, Trans Rights And Black Women Being Loud

A Controversial Greens Candidate Has Backflipped On Sex Worker Rights After Intense Pressure

 A transgender woman has been brutally murdered after an argument over £6

Sen. Lena Taylor called bank teller a ‘house (N-word),’ witnesses tell police




Lena Taylor





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Phoenix Calida And Tim Woodman

Toronto man sexually abused 50 years ago by predatory priest awarded $2.6M

Rev. David Katulski, vicar general of Congregation of St. Basil, a Toronto-based Roman Catholic religious order, said it “does not agree with each of the awards of damages, which make up the judgment, and is considering its rights of appeal.”

Becky Lives Matter To The Cops
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Becky’s Late Term Abortion Matters. 


Shocking video shows trans woman being attacked while police officer turns a blind eye

video of a trans woman being assaulted while the police stood by and watched in Iran has gone viral.

In the video, which was originally posted to Facebook by Iranian feminist activists, the woman emits a bloodcurdling scream as she is attacked by a gang.

Although a policeman is sat in a car right next to the attack, he simply ignores the crime and attempts to drive across the square, reports Gay Star News.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An attack on a transgender woman riding a CATS bus on April 7 went viral last week, garnering news coverage from a variety of local sources. The brutal attack left the victim with a broken jaw, and is just the latest in what advocates say is an exponential rise in anti-LGBTQ violence.

Jayla Ware, 24, was attacked by Roy Eugene-Lav Hedman after a disagreement while riding a CATS bus in the 400 block of N. Tryon St. Hedman punched Ware in face at least a dozen times, dragged her to the floor of the bus and kicked her in the face another dozen times.

Police have a ‘very strong’ lead in killing of transgender SC woman

Sheriff’s investigators have “a very strong suspect” in the Easter weekend killing of a transgender South Carolina woman.

Sasha Wall was found dead in her car on a rural roadway in Chesterfield County the morning of April 1, authorities have said. The 29-year-old had been shot multiple times at close range in the neck and shoulder.

The FBI is assisting sheriff’s investigators in analyzing phone records and data from cell towers near where Wall was found, Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks told The State on Monday.

Why This Texas Man Got Probation for Murdering Gay Neighbor

It’s been five years since the American Bar Association called on every state to end the use of the “gay panic” defense. It’s been 20 years since the death of Matthew Shepard, and since his killers argued a “gay panic” defense in court, claiming Shepard had made a pass and driven them to murder. 

But so far only two states have banned the defense from the courtroom. And in Texas last week, it knotched another win for a murderer.

NC woman accused of ‘malicious castration,’ rape and a list of other crimes, cops say


A Cumberland County woman was arrested on Monday and charged with a string of crimes including rape, malicious castration, human trafficking, first-degree kidnapping, promoting prostitution and robbery.

Candace Grantham, 31, was arrested after Cumberland County deputies searched her home on Monday, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

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Reasonable Critiques Of The Wine Cellar

In this episode, we’re going over some reasonabe, nuanced and well thought out critiqqes of The Wine Cellar. 

These critiques come from well researched and studied individuals of whom are world renown experts in their fields. 
We will not be making fun of these people.  They are serious and so are we. 

This isn’t some goofy podcast where we joke around about healthy debate regarding our content. 

Strap in.  

It’s time for Reasonable Critiques.

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Pauline Hanson Is Being Oppressed

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Racist nurse raises 15K on GoFundMe after making fun of black man murdered by police

The nurse who was fired after saying that police shooting victim Stephon Clark “deserved” to be killed by cops has raised over $15,000 to help pay her bills.

Faith Linthicum created a GoFundMe page Saturday in hopes of hitting her $25,000 goal.

“I was recently fired from my job as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente for exercising my First Amendment right to free speech,” her page reads. “I assure you, and for those that know me, I am not a hateful or discriminatory person. As a person of faith, and a nurse, I love all people and treat everyone equally.”

Linthicum says she needs the money to “pay rent, buy food for myself and my two dogs” and “make my car payments/insurance.”

The nurse commented on a post about Clark’s death, calling him “stupid.”

“Yeah but he was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples houses…why run??!!! He deserved it for being stupid,” she wrote. The post was later taken down.

Sacramento police shot Clark, an unarmed black man, eight times in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18.

GoFundMe did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Trans woman murdered in South Carolina

A transgender woman was found shot dead inside a car on a rural South Carolina road Easter morning, and authorities do not know if gender identification was the reason for the brutal killing.

The victim, identified as Sasha Wall was found slumped over the steering wheel of the car in rural Chesterfield County on Sunday morning, according to the Associated Press. Wall, who owned the car, had been shot multiple times in the neck and shoulder.

“Whoever it was, was angry,” Sheriff Jay Brooks said of the killer, according to FOX 46. “You could tell by the number of shots.”

Brooks told media outlets that investigators are still working the case and believe Wall knew the killer.

“ShQe was dressed (in women’s clothing) and had makeup on and that kind of stuff,” Brooks told WCNC. “But whether that has anything to do with this case or not, we have no idea.”

Investigators have no evidence Wall’s killing was a hate crime and believe it was more likely domestic violence-related, WSOC reports.

The Anson County Sheriff’s Office and State Law Enforcement Division are assisting in the investigation, according to WBTV.

The Human Rights Campaign, a civil rights organization that advocates for LGBTQ people, documented the deaths of at least 28 transgender people who were fatally shot or killed by other violent means in the U.S. in 2017, up from 23 in 2016.

Investigators say Wall, 29, lived in a mobile home outside Pageland and was known to family and friends as “Sasha Wall,” according to WSOC-TV.

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Florida woman steals $7K worth of food stamps

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A central Florida woman is accused of bilking taxpayers out of thousands of dollars in welfare benefits while collecting a six-figure salary.

Cindy Laraine Clark, 54, of Oxford told the Department of Children and Families on multiple occasions between July 2015 and July 2016 that she was unemployed, according to court documents.

In reality, Clark was working for a home health care company based in The Villages, where she was paid $133,191.17 from September 2015 to December 2016, court documents stated.

As a result, investigators concluded that she was not legally eligible to receive $7,015 in food stamp benefits she collected from October 2015 through December 2016.

Clark was arrested March 10 and booked into the Sumter County jail on a third-degree felony charge of welfare fraud, jail records show. She is currently free on $2,000 bond.

According to Orlando’s WFTV-TV, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis did not mince words in a statement responding to the case:

“Public assistance fraud steals from Floridians who need it most and anyone who tries to game the system will be arrested and held accountable. This criminal knowingly took money that could have otherwise gone to a Florida family in need. It’s disgusting and unacceptable.”

“Public assistance fraud steals from Floridians who need it most and anyone who tries to game the system will be arrested and held accountable. This criminal knowingly took money that could have otherwise gone to a Florida family in need. It’s disgusting and unacceptable.

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