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Nicola Adams is confirmed to defend her title at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Nicola Adams, a bisexual British boxer, is confirmed to defend her title at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

She was confirmed today after finishing her fight with Norway’s Marielle Hansen with a unanimous victory.

The 33-year-old won gold at London 2012, becoming the first LGBTI person to win a medal in boxing at the Olympics.

While she is openly bisexual, she prefers to keep her relationships private and would rather be known as a person and an athlete than for who she dates.
‘I’ve always been an open person and I just thought that it might help other people if I talked about everything,’ she said. ‘All the way through the Games I was never anybody but myself. It’s being me that inspired people so I’m just going to carry on doing that.’

There could have been a moment when Adams could not have realized her dreams.
In 2009, she cracked a bone in her back when she tripped and fell down the stairs on her way to training. It meant Adams was bed-bound for three months and out of the ring for a year, but as soon as she could she got back up and started boxing again.

But in November 2012, after winning gold, she then topped The Independent’s Pink List of 101 influential LGBTI people in Britain.

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