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Baiga And Gond People Are Treated Like A Lost Story In The Jungle Book.

In 2014, the Baiga and Gond people were forced out of the Khana Tiger Reserves which was the place that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write his famous novel that has been made into a movie again.

Authorities said that they are “relocating” communities to protect the tigers but according to activists, the removals were not legal and that the absence of people does not help the tigers.
SI and other activists are hoping that The Jungle Book movie opening April 15 will bring international pressure on India to halt the evictions.

“We hope that this film helps bring some attention to the suffering currently being inflicted on tribal people across India in the name of tiger conservation,” said SI Director Stephen Corry.

“When India’s tiger population crashed in the last century it had nothing to do with tribes. It happened thanks to rapid industrialization and the wholesale slaughter carried out by colonial hunters and Indian elites. Yet all over India, tribes are paying the price for this: They’re kicked off their ancestral land to be replaced by tourists in their thousands.”

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