Decolonize Your Masculinity

Hey gang.
We have a pretty action packed episode today.

We have an imbalance in Black masculinity and how it’s embraced and expressed, particularly by and with cis-hetero Black men.

We’re going to dig into that along with some news and comment.


5 White teens arrested for lewd graffiti at Arlington school

Wells Fargo Sponsorship of Black Lives Matter Panel Draws Scorn

Transphobic murder. with misgendering in the headline.

Salt River ‪#‎GoodCop‬ arrested for rape, kidnapping

Black Stereotypes in White Hollywood: Leslie Jones’ Ghostbusters Controversy More Complicated Than Meets the Eye

Ill. Black Woman Charged for Firing Warning Shots After Gunman Fatally Shot Fiance

Man Beats Wife’s Would-Be Rapist to Death
Salt River Police officer arrested for sexual abuse, kidnapping

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