Misogynoir Exposed

Monyae Elson And The Fake Male Feminist Hustle.

Trigger Warning.
Hey gang.
This post is going up on our website so if it gets reported by Monyae Elson it will still be archived here.

So this nigga is a straight up fake ass huckster.  Any man. particularly a cis-hetero man calls himself a feminist, he is suspect like a muthafucka.

This post is here to have the fuckery documented.  Screenshots below and yes, there is nudity.

Trigger Warning.

monyae fake uniform

As a fake ally, he’s more interested in drawing attention to himself that to injustice and the voices of the marginalized.

But he’s just a student of Tariq Nasheed out to manipulate Black women sexually and emotionally.

He’s also a spiritual huckster, selling out tarot card reading on some neo-pokemon shit.

And then, there he goes popping up in Black women’s inboxes with this shit.


He proceeds to pretend he’s looking for a wife/kween when just like any other misogynist, he’s just trophy hunting.

I will add to this post as requested. 

monyea beware

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