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#‎KorrynGaines‬. Murdered by #GoodCops that took her telephone and deleted her social media.


– 23-year-old mother who was living in Baltimore
– Unjustly killed by police in her apartment.
– She was *wanted* for *traffic violations*.
– Some goddamn traffic violations.
– Police also shot and wounded her 5-year-old son while he was in her lap.
– He is currently being hospitalized.
– Gaines had a documented history of recording police harassment/brutality via social media around Baltimore, including instances where said brutality was committed against her.
– Said social media posts were among the first things to be deleted from her phone upon her murder.
– Her social media accounts have *vanished*.
– Officers in question were Baltimore County Police Officers (not the same as Baltimore City Police Officers)
– Both departments just recently started body camera programs.

We all need to demand the release of that body camera footage.

And furthermore, let this be a reminder that women, femmes, trans folx, queer folx, and children are targeted by police as well. So when these things happen, you need to go as hard for them as you would for a cishet, straight Black man.

If you don’t, you are telling on yourself and your quest for liberation and freedom from these oppressive conditions we live in is a farce.

Rest in power, Korryn.


*I will keep updating this post as much as I can*


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