#GoodCops Misogynoir Exposed

You Won’t Believe How This #GoodCop Works To Protect Black Teenage Girls!!!

Mississippi Cop Fired After Viral Video Shows Him Soliciting Sex from Underage Girl

Watch The Video Of This #GoodCop

A Mississippi cop was fired  after a video that went viral on social media shows him lurking in his patrol car near a high school, trying to coax a teenaged girl into cutting class, pressuring her into accompany him to “room” to have sex instead.

The on-duty cop said he “wanted to do more than just talk.” He then assured the teen nobody would find out what they were doing, and that he’d “take care of her.”

“Oh. So you saying you ain’t fucking,” a disappointed officer can be heard asking after the student declined his advances that were caught on camera in the 49 second clip that got him fired, which can be seen below.

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance placed Officer Stasher on paid desk-duty Tuesday, but fired him today after the video began gaining momentum on Facebook. It now has over 1,000 shares and 34,000 views.

It begins with footage of the Officer Stasher slowly creeping up to the female student in his patrol car, who appears to be talking a friend, but she turns away and walks up to the cop’s car while recording.

Officer Stasher apparently had no idea she was recording.

As the student walks towards Stasher’s patrol car, audio captures a female voice that can heard but not seen saying, “Make sure the flash is on.”

“What’s your home number?” the student asked the officer, perhaps attempting to identify the cop who began non-chalantly propositioning her for sex through the open window on the driver’s side of his police cruiser.


He non-chalantly eyeballs the young lady.

“Man, you look like you’re scared to fuck,” Officer Stasher taunted the teenager.

“You said you wasn’t going to school,” he persuasively reminded her.

“Man, I ain’t scared to fuck with nobody. What you talking about?” she replies.

“Okay, well why you acting like you can’t go to the room?” Stasher begs.

“Ain’t nobody going to know what we doing in the room,” he assures the teen. “I’m going to take care of you, so….”

“You can take care of me, but I don’t go to rooms.”

“Okay, where the hell you go? How you do grown folks’ shit then?”

“OK,” the student insists, “I can’t stay here and talk to you.”

That’s when Stasher drives the final nail into his own coffin.

“I don’t do no–I mean, I aint talking about talking. I wanna do more than talk,” implies Stasher.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Oh. So you sayin you ain’t fuckin’

“I don’t fuck,” replies the high schooler.

Interestingly, PINAC discovered another video that has yet to go viral that shows Stasher at a the Greater Mount Calvary Church in Jackson with recent graduates, and apparently engaging in some church mentorship with locals teens, who came together to sing I Believe I Can Fly.

Jackson police said Stasher’s age was not available, but that he’s been with JPD “at least eight years,” according to spokesperson Commander Tyree Jones.

The female is reportedly 17. The age of consent is 16 in Mississippi.

Commander Jones spoke on behalf of the Jackson Police Chief.

“Chief Vance finds this video to be very disturbing,” said JPD Commander Tyree Jones. “He has a zero tolerance policy for any type of behavior that is obviously displayed on this video itself.”

“This is not a representation of the Jackson Police Department,” said the spokesman. “Nor how officers are suppose to conduct themselves in public venue.”

Jones added that nobody came forward to file a complaint with the department about the incident.

PINAC reached out to the number written above that Stasher cited in the video below, but he did not return calls or return a written response to our questions about the video, or events that led up to it.


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