Headless voodoo doll found outside Ga. police station

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. — Police are investigating after being greeted with an unexpected sight outside their department’s headquarters Friday.

Lt. Emory Randolph with the Tybee Island Police Department said he was headed back to the office after taking a walk around 6 a.m. Friday morning, when he spotted a headless voodoo doll and a dead, disfigured lizard laying on the sidewalk.

Randolph said his immediate reaction was one of interest. He told 11Alive that he isn’t new to voodoo — he’s worked in other agencies in Georgia where the practice is more common. But he said this was his first time seeing something like this in Tybee Island, where it isn’t widely followed.

Although no officers are believed to be in any danger, Randolph said the incident is still under investigation.

“We would still like to identify the person if possible to know whether they would be a threat to any of our officers,” he told 11Alive. “We’ve asked officers to be careful, but that’s the norm now in 2016.”

They posted the image to facebook

The department is reviewing surveillance video, but Randolph said the person’s face isn’t recognizable. Charges, if any, would be minimal, possibly a littering charge. But he said he wanted to make sure the community knows they can talk to police if there’s ever a problem, instead of resorting to leaving messages.

“We’ve reached out to viewers and community to make sure if they have an issue with police to come talk to us,” he said.

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