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These White Women Prove To Still Be A Threat To Black Men And Boys.

From Davey D Cook On Facebook.

Well folks looks like we have another banning of drums incident at the Lake.. Here you have two white women who threatened to call the police on a young man who does nobody harm…

…I got this post… from Tram Quang Nguyen this is what she reported had happened on14117963_10157306864250720_309800439014598390_n Saturday…

Oakland friends: I’m at the lakeshore farmers market. Usually a black teenage boy plays drums at the corner of MacArthur and Grand. He’s always killing it. If we ever pass him, I always let MX sit and listen and give him $5. He loves watching the way he loves it when his dad practices at home.

Today we were sitting there when a young woman came up and started talking to the boy. When he didn’t respond she put her arms on the cymbals knocking over one of them. By this point I was alert. She gave him a yellow note paper which he tossed aside. So I picked up the baby and ran after her to where she stood at the light. “I thought I heard you say you were calling the cops, why?”

She told me the neighbors who lived across the street were sick of the noise for four hours every Saturday morning. She said they had tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t listen and if they call the cops he will be fined $1000. While we were talking her friend, a young white woman, joined us and told me he should be practicing in a studio not on the street. When I asked them not to call the cops, asking how many jobs are there for young black men, she said there’s plenty of jobs — dishwashing, restaurants. “We’re social workers, we deal with this everyday, we can’t talk about this anymore. Come on honey let’s go before we call the cops.” I asked them if there was a neighborhood association that I could contact and recommend a community group to help intervene instead of the cops but they don’t have one.>>


The kid in question pictured below is an incredible musician.. Him and his buddy come out every Saturday and enjoy the Lake.. I live directly across from where he usually plays and have no problem.. Neither do my neighbors.. Its part of the noise and bustling that happen at the Lake..I even give the kid money and took some pictures..

Its usually him and a buddy, white kid who play drums while folks are on the field playing soccer and doing other activities.. usually at that time.. we have folks doing capoeira over by the pillars.. They too do drumming..

Not sure why this sort of stuff keeps happening, but our elected officials and other folks need to set a strong tune about this sort of intolerance which is becoming more and more commonplace..If we are gonna have this type of enforcement, then folks who routinely walk their dogs in that park should be stopped and ticketed.. Folks drinking wine and having impromtu block parties should be stopped and bicyclist who shun any all traffic rules should be heavily policed..

Its just a matter of time before something serious breaks off if this is attitude of entitlement, microaggressions and disrespect is not curtailed..Do we need to go down to the Lake on Saturday and surround this kid or bring our own drums to join him?

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