White Moms Get Pulled Over With Red Eyes.

The school year has just begun and some mothers are already going to pot.

At least in the Canadian province of British Columbia, where police pulled over a woman on Tuesday for speeding near an elementary school in Saanich, a municipality on Vancouver Island.

Officers said when they were talking to the woman, she allegedly admitted that she had just finished smoking a joint with some other moms, according to Sgt. John Price of the Saanich Police Dept.

“As soon as she rolled down the window it was pretty evident that the people in that car, or the driver herself, had been smoking a joint prior to being stopped,” he told CTV Vancouver Island.

“She did admit to smoking a joint and tried to excuse it away by saying her and some of the other moms this morning had a celebratory joint, celebrating that the kids were back in school.”

Once officers smoked out that the mom had indeed smoked out, a drug recognition expert was called to the scene to conduct a sobriety test on the woman, according to the Canadian Broadcast Company.

The expert confirmed the marijuana-toking mom was sober enough to drive and issued her a warning ticket for speeding in a school zone.

Though technically marijuana is not legal in British Columbia, it’s not that surprising she wasn’t charged for the substance itself, according to HuffPost Canada associate news editor Jesse Ferreras.

“Pot laws in Canada are legislated federally back in Ottawa, but in BC, enforcement is more lax,” he said. “The cops here feel they have more important problems.”

Meanwhile, Canadian politicians are currently pursuing legislation to make recreational marijuana legal in 2017, according to USA Today.

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