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Tyree King, 13, Fatally Shot by Police in Columbus, Ohio

Update: Zendaya Continues In On Vons.
September 14, 2016 — 0 Comments

White Moms Get Pulled Over With Red Eyes.

Kentucky Husband Chooses Misogyny Over Freedom.

Kentucky Police Execute A Butt Bust

Russian Meteorologists Are Trapped By Polar Bears 2,800 Miles From Moscow

The Worst Driver On The Golf Course

Black Transwoman being terrorized for Survival Sex Work because capitalism.

Black TransWoman Stabbed 119 Times

Friends seeking answers after transgender woman’s murder

Little Black Girl Left On The Side Of The Road By School Bus Driver Because White Supremacy Doesn’t Value Her Life Or Safety.

Toby Willis Arrested For Child Rape

Rapist Cop Won’t Try To Solve A Rape Until He Commits A Rape

#GoodCop charged with raping woman on way to jail

The ‘Waste Shark’ Is Here To Sink It’s Teeth Into Ocean Garbage

Of Course There’s Lead Poisoning In Milwaukee

Police raid Amish party in Ohio field, 73 arrested

David Jolly Brings Florida Mosquitoes Onto House Floor to Discuss Zika

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