16 creepy ads from people on Craigslist who are offering “free” rooms





3. “free roomshare to female … Yes, you will be sharing a room with me”

But nope, for some people it’s apparently important to have a live-in ‘lover’.

4. “Sofa or bed….must be sexy and openminded”

Maybe it’s about power?

5. “Free accom… willing to offer more intimate favours”

Maybe it’s about cheating the taxman?

6. “Free room… for woman willing to carry our household chores naked or in sexy lingerie”

Or maybe it’s the thrill of pushing someone who hadn’t considered it into sex work?

7. “Free room for adult parties”

We’d advise checking for hidden video cameras with a “deal” like this.

8. “It’s free if you let me watch”

As you can see, it’s not just people wanting to take advantage of women.

9. “The only thing I want in return is to massage your feet”

Yeah, he’s “not a pervert”. Sure.

10. “Free room… purely for fucking and housekeeping… I may elevate the right girl to wifey status subject to performing well”

Lucky woman!

11. “Free furnished flat… In return I just want a few minutes of sexy fun when I visit.”

“However, being a virgin this won’t take long!”

12. “Some sort of sexual favours are expected in return”

13.”Free accommodation… [for] a girl who just loves the idea of straddling my face”

The licker / liqueur pun is truly a mark of class.

14.”Rent will be reduced, perhaps down to £1pcm… if you are interested in exploring… submission… with landlord”

15. “Free roomshare… this isn’t a weird ad… just would like would like to see some nudity sometimes”

16. We’re saving the creepiest to last. Someone has written this from the point of view of two dogs looking for a mummy for their daddy. YUCK!

You might imagine we’ve been collecting these for months, but no, there are dozens of similar ads running at any given time.

And if you’re wondering if they ever get replies then the answer is “probably” as there’s also adverts from women offering sexual services for free accommodation.

It’s a sign of how unaffordable renting has become.

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