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A White Woman Lied On A Black Man… Again

JACKSON, Ga. — A Georgia police officer who allegedly made up a story about being shot by a suspect while on-duty has been arrested.

Jackson Police Officer Sherry Hall is facing multiple charges related to an incident on September 13. Hall originally claimed that she had been shot by a black male in Jackson, Ga.

However, after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was asked to look into the incident, authorities said that they believed Hall made up the story.

The alleged incident happened in the early morning hours of September 13. Hall said on the radio call that she had been shot in the abdomen, and described a black male subject who was positioned near the wood line near a cul-de-sac on Camelia Court in Jackson. Hall indicated that she did not use her car’s video and audio recording equipment.

As part of their investigation, the GBI looked at evidence from the hard drive of the in-car camera system, as well as engaging the assistance of a GBI Digital Forensic Investigator in an effort to recover additional evidence. Inconsistencies were uncovered in relation to Hall’s story, which led to the conclusion that she was, in fact, not the victim of a shooting.

In an effort to reconcile the in consistencies, the GBI conducted a subsequent interview of Hall, and during that interview she stopped cooperating with the investigation.

Further investigation determined that Hall failed to reveal to the GBI that she was in possession of an additional department handgun issued to her on July 1, 2016. After a search warrant was issued for her Butts County residence, the weapon was seized.

Hall had been located at a private facility, and upon her release on Monday, she surrendered of her own volition for arrest, processing and booking at the Butts County Detention Facility. She has been charged with False Statements, Tampering with Evidence, Interference with Government Property and Violation of Oath of Office.

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