#GoodCop Rapes Male Prisoner.

Butler and Salem police station

OFFICER: Brian Butler told police bosses he gave into temptation

Officer Brian Butler, 56, told his police bosses he “gave into temptation” when he attacked a naked drunk being held at his station in Salem, Massachusetts, US.


The dad-of-three reportedly told one of his superiors who confronted him: “I’ve embarrassed myself, my family and the police department.

“I’ve ruined a 24-year career.”

Mary and Brian ButlerMYDRIM JONES

COUPLE: Officer Brian Butler pinning the Chief’s badge on his wife Mary

His wife Mary Bulter, police chief at the station, has taken time off from her position because of the ongoing scandal.

Chief Butler – who has held the post since April 2015 said: “I have to wear two hats and they’re not always in direct harmony with one another.

“We have a legal process in this country for a reason and it’s to vet out the truth, that’s where we go from here.”

Chief Mary ButlerMYDRIM JONES

TIME OFF: Chief Butler has taken time off work

“I’ve ruined a 24-year career”

Officer Brian Butler

The alleged rape happened on the morning of Halloween and involved a prisoner who was in protective custody after reportedly getting drunk and flooding a motel bathroom.

Prosecutors said he was naked in his cell because he took off his wet clothes to try to sleep.

The 28-year-old man told investigators Butler fondled his genitals under a blanket he was given while he called his family to bring him dry clothes.

He told investigators the officer took him to a broom cupboard and performed oral sex on him without his consent.

The man is said to have told the police: “In fear, I said yes.

“After a few seconds I tried to pull away then I asked him to stop.

“I asked him to stop three times and by the third time he did and he took me back to my cell.”

The alleged attack was the day before Butler’s birthday, and he later told investigators he had been drinking – reported the Boston Herald.

Prosecutors said police station video and audio surveillance of Butler and the man “confirms nearly everything the victim had told the police”.


SUPPORT: Mayor Kim Driscoll expressed her support for Chief Butler

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll expressed her support for Chief Butler but warned her husband would be fired.

In a statement she said: “I am surprised and deeply disappointed by the allegations made against Officer Brian Butler.

“In light of circumstances we expect to immediately commence termination proceedings.

“I also want to express my concern and compassion for the young man who came forward.”

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