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Health department warns of reports for Hand, Foot & Mouth disease
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The West Central Health District, located in Columbus, is warning parents of reports of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease in our area in a public notice Monday.
Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease, also known as HFMD, is a common viral illness that affects people of all ages, but children younger than 5 years old and infants are particularly vulnerable.
“The illness is typically mild, and nearly all people recover in 7 to 10 days without medical treatment. HFMD is caused by several different viruses and it’s possible that people can get the disease again. In rare cases, further complications can occur,” the public notice said.
Symptoms include:
Reduced appetite
Sore throat
A feeling of being unwell
Painful sores in the mouth that usually begin as flat red spots
A rash of flat red spots that may blister on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and sometimes the knees, elbows, buttocks, and/or genital area.
Homeowner claims N-word sign isn’t offensive
Residents in a Pittsburg, California neighborhood are upset because of a sign a resident put on his home. The large sign reads, “You can hang a nigger from a tree equal rights he’ll never see.” A shocked resident took a picture of the sign and posted it to Twitter on Saturday as user James Thompson @JETBallin. The image has been viewed and retweeted by thousands and Thompson has received several responses to his picture thread. Twitter users are calling it a hate crime and stating that the FBI should be involved, as well as local law enforcement
Paul Ryan: Access to birth control for women is ‘nitty-gritty detail’ not worth talking about
Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Sunday refused to say if some women would lose access to birth control benefits after Republicans repeal President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.
Students at Christian university in Texas are expelled after footage emerges of white girl posing in blackface for a Snapchat video
A Christian university in Texas has expelled several students after footage emerged showing a white teenager posing in blackface for a Snapchat video.
Officials at the Abilene Christian University close to Fort Worth were alerted to the clip after it surfaced on social media.
It shows an unidentified white student with her face covered in black make-up and wearing a pair of oversized costume lips.
Sex-workers’ rights activist’s death shrouded in mystery

KOLKATA: Inmates of Sonagachi, India’s largest red light district on Wednesday woke up to hear the murder of Kabita Roy (58), the first president of Durbar Mahila Sammanaya Samiti, a non-government organization which has been working for the rights of the sex workers in the city.
Mystery shrouds the death of Roy after police found two minor girls were missing from the room where the body of the activist was found. These girls were reportedly rescued from Bowbazar on Monday and brought to the NGO’s office at Nilmoni Mitra lane. Since then these teenage girls were under Kabita Roy’s careful watch. Police sources did not deny involvement of a human trafficking racket behind the murder.
Cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch: Dutch foundation tests new system off coast of Holland
A Dutch foundation called Ocean Cleanup has recently unveiled what it claims to be the first ocean clean-up system. The device is a giant floating barrier anchored to the sea bed. Underneath the floating tubes on the surface hangs a solid yet flexible screen to help catch any debris floating just under the surface.

3. Opening serious story. HILLSBORO, Ore.
A Hillsboro woman’s trip to a local Safeway the day after Donald Trump’s presidential victory is something she won’t soon forget.
Kara Stevens told KOIN 6 News she hopes no one has to go through what she did.
“The only thing I kept thinking to myself is, ‘This is how my life is going to end,’ and ‘I don’t deserve this,’” Stevens said.
She said she was walking through the Safeway parking lot Wednesday night when she suddenly felt pain in her abdomen. Out of nowhere, she said, she was hit with a brick. Soon after, she started to have difficulty breathing.
“I just thought to myself, if I pass out from not being able to breathe and I hit the ground, it’s over,” Stevens recalled.
As she struggled with the pain, Stevens said she could hear people yelling. The words her attackers used shocked her.
“I heard someone yell ‘Stupid n***** b****,’” she said. “Then they yelled ‘Are you scared? Are you scared now? Because you should be,’ and then they said ‘Now we got a president who finally feels how we feel.’”
Stevens said the 3 men in their 30s and 40s told her they’d rape her and even made references to President-elect Donald Trump.
When they drove off, Stevens said no one stepped in to help.
She said she went back to her apartment roughly a mile away before going to the ER for treatment. Doctors there reportedly told her she had broken ribs.
In the face of such hate, Stevens is speaking up. she said now is the time to stand up and come together to combat racism.
“You’re going to have to bring a whole lot more than a brick to break me,” Stevens said. “This is a real thing… this isn’t a joke. A lot of people are just in denial about it.”
She said the harsh reality of racism can’t be denied, but must be faced head-on.
“When people admit that it’s there, it’s going to be a heck of a lot easier for us to come together and fix it and come together,” Stevens said.
While she said she will recover physically, emotionally she may never be the same.
Hillsboro Police Dept. confirms officers took a report about the incident. Officers will investigate Stevens again sometime this week and hope to “get to the bottom of it.”
Police confirm the Safeway has no safety cameras in its parking lot.
So far, no one has come forward saying they witnessed the attack, but police said people at the scene “may not have known a crime was taking a place.”
Investigators hope to get a better suspect description.
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4. Second Story – Something Funny, or something that can be made fun of.
David Kupelian: Hillary Clinton’s Election Would Have Led To Mass Shootings, Widespread Insanity

5. Neo-Nazis throw a tantrum after New Balance denies being the ‘official shoes of white people’
Andrew Anglin, founder of the neo-Nazi and white supremacist website Daily Stormer, melted down Tuesday after the shoe brand New Balance rejected his endorsement as “the official shoes of White people.”

Saturday, Anglin posted that it was “time to get on-board with New Balance now” after the company’s vice president of affairs, Matt LeBretton, publicly backed Donald Trump.
“The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly with president-elect Trump we feel things are going to move in the right direction,” LeBretton told reporter Sara Germano. LeBretton also noted his endorsement of Trump was related to the president-elect’s strong campaign rhetoric against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In the days after LeBretton’s statement, customers expressed dissatisfaction with the VP’s statement, some even protesting the brand by posting videos destroying New Balance shoes on social media (or, as Anglin referred to it, “butthurt cucks are burning their shoes, lol”).

“New Balance is making a gesture to support White people and to support US manufacturing. We need to support that,” Anglin wrote after learning about LeBretton’s Trump support. “I see New Balances now becoming the official shoes of White people.”
Monday, New Balance rejected Anglin’s attempt at becoming the latest New Balance brand ambassador, releasing a statement saying the company “does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form.”

“New Balance is a values-driven organization and culture that believes in humanity, integrity, community and mutual respect for people around the world,” the statement continued.

Anglin called New Balance’s statement “obviously fake,” insisting LeBretton sent the original statement to the Daily Stormer and “said he believes all Jews should be gassed ‘for real this time around.’” The “original statement” per Anglin reads:

“New Balance endorses bigotry and hate in any form,” the fake statement says. “As a 110-year old company with five factories in the U.S. and thousands of white male employees worldwide – New Balance is a Republican-driven organization and culture that believes in White Supremacy, integrity, community and mutual respect for white males around the world. One of our officials was recently asked to comment on a trade policy and was quoted correctly in context. We have been and will always remain committed to manufacturing in the United States.”

“Don’t let the lying Jewish media get you down,” Anglin added.

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