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Black Infrastructure – And More – Podcast Notes For 12/5/16

Matt Barnes Reportedly Accused of Choking Woman at NYC Nightclub (UPDATE)
UPDATED 12/5/16, 6:03 p.m.:

The Kings have released the following statement:

“We have clear standards of conduct and behavior expected of the entire Kings organization – on and off the court. We are working with all parties involved to gather information in order to take any appropriate next steps.”
Matt Barnes posted this on Instagram on Monday afternoon:

Barnes has also denied the accusations made against him through a representative, according to TMZ Sports. Barnes reportedly claims that he did not start a fight and choke a woman at New York City nightclub Avenue early Monday morning and says that he was defending himself during the alleged altercation.

The rep told TMZ Sports that it all started when DeMarcus Cousins accidentally bumped a woman sitting at a booth next to the one occupied by Barnes and Cousins at the club and that several men who were with the woman tried to get physical with Barnes. Cousins reportedly jumped into the mix to help defend his teammate before the police were called. Barnes claims he has taken photos of the injuries he sustained during the incident to prove his side of the story, and his lawyer told TMZ Sports that Barnes is “hopeful no charges will be pressed.”

Four employees at the Talihina Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs center have resigned after a patient was found with maggots in his wound shortly before he died.
Talihina director Myles Deering confirmed the maggots didn’t enter the wound after the patient died on Oct. 3, but rather were present while the patient was still alive.
However, Deering stressed that the patient did not die from the maggots themselves
.The secretary of the Army Corps of Engineers has turned down a permit for a controversial pipeline project running through North Dakota, in a victory for Native Americans and climate activists.

A celebration erupted following the Sunday announcement at the main protest camp in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, where the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others have been protesting against the 1,172-mile Dakota Access Pipeline for months.
However it may prove to be a short-lived victory because President-elect Donald Trump has said he supports the project and policy experts believe he could reverse the decision if he wanted to.
Officials in Boulder County have released a plan to remove all genetically-modified crops from county-owned farmland within the next five years.

The county’s commissioners directed staffers to draft the plan following a series of heated public hearings in early 2016, where scientists argued farmers were being unfairly targeted and local activists said the crops in question threaten the county’s agricultural viability, and its reputation as an environmentally-conscious community.

The plan calls for farmers who lease county land for their operations to stop planting GMO corn within the next three years, and sugar beets within the next five years.
Nine farmers currently grow the modified corn and sugar beets on the county land they lease. The plants are engineered to withstand applications of an herbicide, sold under the brand name RoundUp, that kills weeds.

In their plan, county staffers acknowledged that forcing the switch to non-GMO crop varieties could result in added inputs, like the use of more pesticides and fertilizer, increased costs, and decreased yields for the affected farmers.
Michigan welfare drug screening program nets zero hits
Michigan did not catch a single welfare recipient using illegal drugs during a one-year pilot program designed to screen and test suspected substance abusers, provide them with treatment or kick them off government cash assistance if they refused.

In a Tuesday report to legislators, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said it conducted suspicion-based screenings for 14 of 443 Family Independence Program applicants or recipients between October 2015 and Sept. 30, 2016 in Allegan, Clinton and Marquette counties.

Only one of those individuals “was found by a clinician to have a reasonable suspicion of use of a controlled substance and required a substance use (drug) test,” according to the department.

However, that person dropped off the welfare rolls “for an unrelated reason” before the individual took a drug test.

All told, the state health department said it spent $700 for county clinicians to screen 14 welfare clients using an “empirically validated substance abuse screening tool.” Each drug test would have cost $75, but no welfare recipients actually took a test.
The Legislature appropriated $300,000 for the pilot program. While the department likely incurred some administrative costs on top of the screenings, spokesman Bob Wheaton said most of the funding will be returned to the state coffers for other uses.

“Our main goal was to help people who were receiving cash assistance to continue on a path toward self-sufficiency and reduce any barriers to employment, such as substance use issues,” Wheaton said.
State legislators will determine whether the pilot program helped the state achieve those goals, and whether it should continue, expand statewide or be modified in some other fashion.


Cupid’s Undie Run – Atlanta
Next February, be part of something great. Cupid’s is a “brief” fun-run that takes place in the middle of a BIG party. That’s right: party, run (a mile-ish, and at your own pace), party—all in benefit of Children’s Tumor Foundation, and all to #EndNF.
We encourage undies, but we get that it’s not for everyone – so whether you start a team for your friends, join a team or run solo, just come out, have a blast and raise some money for NF research!
Some Washington residents who disagree with Mike Pence’s positions on gay rights are making their values known to their new neighbor.
Until he moves into the Naval Observatory after taking office, the vice president-elect is renting a $6,000-a-month home in Chevy Chase, a swanky neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of the nation’s capital.

Some neighbors have put up rainbow flags since the Indiana governor moved in to protest what they call his anti-gay policy positions. The flag represents a symbol of pride in the LGBT community.
Roughly half-dozen pride flags are outside of homes on the block where Pence lives and neighbors say more are on the way.

3. —–Several Alabama police officers are being investigated after they were caught on camera handcuffing an innocent black woman and leaving her on the floor of a Walmart for half an hour.

Brenda Rivers and her husband were stopped by police who were investigating the theft of a wallet. The police had already stopped another woman and asked to look through her purse for the wallet but did not find anything there. They asked to do the same with Rivers, but she did not want to give the officers her purse, since they had no warrant.

The officers then detained her after they claimed that she tried to leave the scene.
Jasmine Thomas, who filmed the incident, was among the crowd of shoppers who gathered to shout their support for Rivers even as she lay handcuffed on the floor while police argued with Rivers’ husband. Several witnesses in the crowd pointed out to the officers that the victim had already said that Rivers did not look like the person who snatched her wallet.

“The lady was here, she told the officer right here that it wasn’t her,” says the woman whose purse had been searched prior to the officers stopping Rivers in the video.
“The witness told him before they arrested her that it wasn’t her, I will go to court for her,” another witness chimes in.

“She said it wasn’t me,” Rivers yells from the floor repeatedly before one of the officers tells her that she is being arrested for “failure to comply.”

“Your officer walked over to the victim and asked her, before you even apprehended [Rivers], and she said no. That is wrong, oh my God, that is wrong,” the first woman who was searched later says in the video as the police continue to accuse Rivers of interfering with and impeding their investigation.

When the victim finally arrives, it is with an officer who appears to be a sergeant as she tells the officer, “I did tell them, its not her.”

Rivers’ husband then approaches the sergeant to ask why this is being allowed to happen, at one point saying, “[The officer] didn’t ask for no ID, he didn’t ask for nothing, he just assumed she was the one that took the lady’s purse. We didn’t know what he was talking about. I thought he was joking.”

Toward the end of the video, the handcuffs are finally taken off of Rivers, and her purse is returned to her.

4. Second Story
Keith Ellison Is An “Ethno Centric Racist”…. ????

5 Is Donald Trump A Prophet???

6. Mid show break.
Jim Hightower
Big Gay News
Green News Report
Prison Radio.
Black Agenda Commentaries.

7. Second hour.
Audio clips to make fun of from the news.

8. Big Topic story.
Divide and Rule???
That’s going on.
We are also going into 2017.
Bl*ck people have cars, trucks, vans, buses, boats.
Some of us might even have a plane or helicopter.
We have communication.
We can push newsletters, we have privately owned social media, cellular telephones, computers, house phones and some folks are still rocking a fax machine.
We can totally coordinate and eliminate Bl*ck poverty. We can can coordinate and increase our safety.
We can have a physical Bl*ck network of commerce.
But we have the isms…
We have the classism and the folks that will be hucksters and thieves.
We have the folks who prefer that many be in impoverished for a few to be enriched.
We have sexism.
Too many cis bl*ck men that seriously want bl*ck women and femmes to “know their role” and be under control.
We have rape culture and you predators out there to cause harm and you nasty n*ggas that see every bl*ck as a potential “I got some p*ssy” story.
And I can here the pro birth nation builders already.
We don’t have a healthy social infrastructure and you’re not serious about constructing one.
Let alone a physical infrastructure.
We still get gentrified.
We don’t even have neighborhoods, so fall back.
Those are just some quick thoughts I had on the way to work.
Happy Monday, F*ckos.

9. Jenna Jameson VS David Duke.
Good Cops Being Good.

Dolly Offers A Pardon.
Beloved country singer and actress Dolly Parton announced on Wednesday that her foundation would be donating $1,000 every month to each family affected by the wildfires raging through the Great Smoky Mountains.

Being a Tennessee native herself, Parton’s foundation and collective of companies, including the Dollywood theme park, resort, and dinner theater, are all contributing to the Sevier County fundraiser, the “My People Fund”.

The wildfires have ravaged Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge since Monday night. Several hundred homes have already been damaged, along with thousands of acres of Tennessee wilderness.

If you’d like to donate to the fundraiser, you can visit the Dollywood Foundation website here.

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