Headlines For 12/19/16

Washington Post

Trump reaches the 270 votes needed in electoral college, according to AP count

BREAKING: Trump reaches the 270 votes needed in electoral college to make his victory official, according to an AP count. Donald Trump clinched the presidency Monday as members of the electoral college cast ballots declaring him the victor, a
Washington Post

The tumultuous history of North Carolina’s bathroom bill, which is on its way to being repealed

One of North Carolina’s most controversial and high-profile laws in recent memory could be undone this week. On Monday, Gov. Pat McCrory (R) announced a special session for Wednesday to consider repeal of the state’s “bathroom” bill, which limits which …
Wall Street Journal

Platinum Partners’ Executives Charged With $1 Billion Securities Fraud

Top executives of hedge fund Platinum Partners were arrested Monday morning and charged with defrauding investors in one of the biggest such cases since Bernard L. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Obama grants 78 pre-Christmas pardons in last-minute clemency push

WASHINGTON – President Obama granted 78 pardons and 153 commutations on Monday – a single-day record for the use of presidential clemency power as Obama engages in an historic end-of-term clemency surge.


Trump officially gets Electoral College victory as only Clinton faces defections

Trump’s former opponent Hillary Clinton, however, suffered her first defection early in the day in Maine, when elector David Bright cast his ballot for the man that Clinton beat in capturing the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders.
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Digital Spy

Someone has started a Kickstarter to make Jingle All The Way’s Turbo Man

If you’ve seen Jingle All The Way, you’ll remember the whole plot centering around Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attempts to get his son the hottest toy in town for Christmas.
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Yahoo Finance

Lewis Hamilton Interview: Trump, Black Lives Matter and His Formula 1 Future

Of course, the issue is there are these cops that happen to be killing black people. But it’s all lives matter. To the millions that follow me, I’m trying to be careful.
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The Inquisitr

Tina Fey Defends Jimmy Fallon’s Trump Interview, Discusses Her Efforts To Remain Nonpartisan

The Inquisitr  – ‎5 hours ago‎
It appears that Tina Fey may be well aware of political biases prevalent in the entertainment industry and the dealings that may go on behind the scene to promote a particular politician.
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RI Future

Africa: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

AllAfrica.com  – ‎11 hours ago‎
Sex workers should not have to endure ill-treatment. Like all human being they are entitled to the protection of their human dignity and rights. States are obliged to protect and respect the rights of all people, regardless of their means of livelihood
Vancouver Sun

Canada’s new sex trade laws violate rights of sex workers, says report

Vancouver Sun  – ‎Dec 6, 2016‎
Sex workers are still not protected from exploitation and violence in Canada and their Charter rights are ignored, says a new report released Tuesday by the Pivot Legal Society.
RI Future

Sex workers deserve dignity and safe working conditions

RI Future  – ‎Dec 14, 2016‎
On Saturday local supporters of sex workers rights in Providence will join more than 20 other cities in the United States and 40 cities internationally to recognize the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.
Washington Post

‘Pizzagate’ rumors falsely link death of sexworker advocate to nonexistent Clinton probe

Washington Post  – ‎Dec 6, 2016‎
Now, in a tragic twist, an off-shoot of pizzagate has conspiracy theorists speculating that Monica Petersen, an activist for sexworker rights, was killed because she was investigating links between the Clinton Foundation and sex trafficking in Haiti
The Creators Project (blog)

Need More Activism In Your Art? Look No Further Than This Center

The Creators Project (blog)  – ‎3 hours ago‎
The caption reads: “Activists pressing for sex worker rights hold up placards and umbrellas at the Durban Aids Conference yesterday.

Feds ban mountaintop mining in Tennessee

USA TODAY  – ‎Dec 7, 2016‎
The Department of Interior said it is designating nearly 75,000 acres of mountain ridges as unsuitable for surface mining, in essence barring a controversial form of mining known as mountaintop removal. “Today’s action honors Tennessee’s request to

Japan Wants to Lasso Space Junk Out of Earth’s Orbit

Inverse  – ‎7 hours ago‎
The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has a neat idea for how to tackle the increasingly worrisome problem of space junk – deploying small spacecraft to literally tether chunks of debris and drag them down to a lower orbit, where both the …

Mayor: New Orleans Settles Police Shooting Suits for $13.3M

ABC News  – ‎1 hour ago‎
The mayor of New Orleans on Monday announced the city has reached settlements totaling $13.3 million in lawsuits over deadly police shootings after Hurricane Katrina and a fatal beating just before the 2005 storm, and he apologized to the victims
Gay Star News

Top cop admits serial killer Stephen Port who murdered four young gay men could have been caught sooner

Gay Star News  – ‎Dec 15, 2016‎
In all, he was found guilty of a total of 22 offences against 11 men including four murders, four rapes, 10 counts of administering a substance and four sex assaults.

City proposes bill to keep log of sexual assaults in taxis

New York Post  – ‎Dec 15, 2016‎
There were 14 rapes in cabs reported in 2015, compared with 10 in 2014, according to Police Department data. The NYPD said that the attacks in taxis accounted for 8.4 percent of all the 166 rapes committed by strangers in the city last year. A co
Trinidad Guardian

Citizens don’t trust cops

Trinidad Guardian  – ‎Dec 10, 2016‎
While the figures represent a potential decrease of bad cops in the service, confidence and trust in police officers remain low at a time when the population is grappling with rising murders and a prevalence in missing people, rapes and robberies

NYPD Officers Watch Gropers Attack Multiple Victims Before Making Arrests

DNAinfo  – ‎Dec 13, 2016‎
1, 2016, DNAinfo New York obtained court records for five suspects arrested for gropings in which police officers testified that they watched suspects touch, grab or rub multiple victims – one suspect groped a total of five women – before making an

The Double Bind

Seattle Weekly  – ‎Dec 7, 2016‎
She didn’t feel she was treated well at the hospital (the first place she went didn’t do rape exams) or at the police department (she waited alone for hours, then was interviewed by someone with little experience in rape cases). But when, four months

Charge your shoes and protect them from Russian hackers

MyNorthwest.com  – ‎Dec 9, 2016‎
( You remember, that monster thug who liked to beat the hel out of people smaller and weaker and got shot bull rushing a cop after committing a robbery ) or “Peaceful” BLM or “Occupy” protests. …. The media apologized for not covering rapes in Cologne?

The Most Dangerous Places To Play ‘Pokemon Go’

Motherboard  – ‎Dec 14, 2016‎
There was even a young man in Baltimore who clipped a cop car by playing the game while driving. The most disturbing anecdotes, however, were reports of criminal activity.

Former Fort Worth cop exonerated on 1994 rape conviction

UPI.com  – ‎Dec 17, 2016‎
17 (UPI) — A former police officer in Texas was acquitted of rape charges at retrial after spending 21 years in prison following his initial conviction in 1994.

Ex-cop says photos taken of her during rape were sent to officers

New York Post  – ‎Dec 13, 2016‎
A former city cop says she was raped by a volunteer firefighter after a party at his Long Island station, took photos of her during the attack and sent them to his friends – at least two of whom were NYPD officers, police sources said Tuesday.

Mistrial declared in ex-suburban Cincinnati cop’s rape case

Huntington Herald Dispatch  – ‎Dec 15, 2016‎
CINCINNATI – A mistrial has been declared in the case of a former suburban Cincinnati police officer accused of drugging and raping a woman in April 2015. The jury deliberated for more than 10 hours but was ultimately unable to come to a decision in
Hindustan Times

Let us show a rape survivor we’re on her side: A cop’s letter to his colleagues

Hindustan Times  – ‎Dec 16, 2016‎
We, as custodians of law, need to sensitise ourselves while dealing with rape survivors. It is our duty to ensure that they trust us.

Police nab fake cop for extortion, hold-up, attempted rape

Inquirer.net  – ‎Dec 14, 2016‎
LUCENA CITY – Police arrested on Wednesday a 31-year-old man pretending to be a cop on charges of robbery hold-up, extortion, attempted rape and usurpation of authority. Supt. Dennis de Leon, Lucena police chief, said Joseph Ayapana, 31, was …

Syracuse, N.Y., Black Lives Matter demands ‘Stop Cop Rape!’

Workers World  – ‎Dec 8, 2016‎
Syracuse, N.Y. – With resounding chants, Black Lives Matter activists demanded ”Justice for Maleatra!” at a Nov. 29 protest outside the Hanley Federal Building.
WspyNews (press release) (registration)

NIU Cop Not Guilty of Rape Charges

WspyNews (press release) (registration)  – ‎Dec 16, 2016‎
NIU Cop Not Guilty of Rape Charges. Scott Zak WLBK News; Updated 12 hrs ago; (0) · Click Here to submit a News Tip or Story.
New York Post

Prison rape victims are getting thousands of Christmas cards

New York Post  – ‎1 hour ago‎
The campaign by Los Angeles-based Just Detention International – now in its seventh year – has sent roughly 10,000 messages in each of the past three years to hundreds of inmates who were raped or sexually assaulted in US jails or prisons. But the …
Project Q

Transgender inmate fights for survival in Georgia prison

Project Q  – ‎54 minutes ago‎
He was being raped on his walk home, and no one would help him. Especially not the police. Last time he was attacked in his own neighborhood, the cops could barely be bothered to file the report, and thinking they’d investigate? Maybe even arrest the guy?
The Independent

Aboriginal woman raped to death but white suspects yet to face trial five years later

The Independent  – ‎Dec 16, 2016‎
The life was long drained from Lynette Daley by the time the cops rolled up to the lonely beach where her naked body lay. Her skin … Yet for five years, despite the urgings of the coroner and police, prosecutors refused to try the men charged with

Boy, 11, saves young girl from kidnapper who planned to rape her, cops say

fox5sandiego.com  – ‎Dec 16, 2016‎
Police say Perez, 26, told them he was planning to have sex with the girl. He was charged with aggravated kidnapping and is being held in the county jail. Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana and Police Chief Manuel Borrego praised TJ and other …

JLS star Oritsé Williams arrested and questioned by police over rape claims

Mirror.co.uk  – ‎Dec 11, 2016‎
“One of the girls knocked on the door saying she wanted to retrieve her stuff and was let back in,” the source told the newspaper.
Mintpress News (blog)

California Cop Faces Life In Prison On Child Rape Charges

Mintpress News (blog)  – ‎Dec 14, 2016‎
MONTEREY, California – Barney Joseph Ramnauth, a distinguished police officer from Northern California, is facing life in prison on allegations that he sexually assaulted a child nearly 20 years ago. Ramnauth was arrested earlier this … “And while
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