Retired cop rapes girl to ‘cure’ her pimples

DUBAI: A 55-year-old pensioner repeatedly sodomised a compatriot policeman’s daughter, 13, after convincing her that the acts will cure her pimples, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Monday.

The Arab man – who reportedly earlier worked at a police authority – sodomised the schoolgirl on several occasions until an informant suspected his secret relationship with her and alerted the police.

He would offer money to her brothers and send them to purchase meals then take her inside his car. He was nabbed on Aug.11 after abusing her. Police seized sexual stimulants, cream, pillows and alcohol in his car.

Prosecutors asked the court to award him the toughest punishment applicable. His lawyer asked for time to examine her birth certificate, listen to her testimony and that of a forensic expert. Hearing continues on Jan.19.

In Al Rifa’a Police Station records, the girl and her brothers used to go to Shindagha for fishing and cycling activities. He befriended them and instilled confidence in them by telling them he was their father’s friend.

From the beginning of this year he would call them inside his car for discussions. At the beginning of August he sent her brothers to buy meals and called her inside the tinted car. She trusted him. He suddenly left his seat and went to her in the backseat. He ordered her to recline on her back. She feared he would beat her or kill her if she hesitated. He performed acts then ordered her to recline on her stomach.

He abused her after which he told her it would rid her face of the pimples. He returned to the wheel and told her not to tell her brothers. Her brothers brought the meals, ate with him and they parted from him.

She feared him thus did not notify her mother. This was the same on several occasions. On Aug.10 she was with her bothers at a bench in Shindagha. He showed up and sent her brothers for meals.

He called her inside the car. She thought he wanted to tell her something. He commanded her to recline on her stomach. He did the same.  The brothers came back with meals as usual.

On Aug.11 she and her brothers went to the Heritage Village for fishing. He sent her brothers away. Police knocked on the window. He stepped out pulling down his Kandura. He claimed he had called her inside as it was too hot outside.
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