Sex Workers Rights

Protest the Censoring of Backpage

Wednesday, January 18 at 11 AM – 12:15 PM
Next Week · 34–39° Mostly Sunny

50 W Washington Blvd, Chicago IL
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As of 1/9/2017 the US Government has taken down Backpage’s adult section, where varying types of sex workers advertised their services.

Join us outside sheriff Tom Dart’s office to collectively rage against this atrocity on Wednesday, January 18th at 12noon.

SWOP USA Official Statement:

“Tonight, January 9th, has removed its Adult content section as the result of ongoing legal and congressional pressure and unconstitutional censorship.

As we and our chapters have previously written, this closure has deeply impacted our communities, removing a unique, low-cost and low-barrier way for some of the most marginalized individuals in the adult industry who otherwise might have relied on a third-party or riskier street-based sex work to earn a living.

It is hard to put into words the intense anxiety, stress, and sense of oppression our community is currently experiencing. Right now, thousands of individuals are wondering where they are going to go to earn money they need to pay rent, buy their family’s clothes and food, and fill their metro card or gas tank. This was shocking and sudden (although not without warning). We, like many of you all, are at a loss for words.

We and our chapters want to fight back. Let us know what you need from us, or ideas you have.

We are here with you.”

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