TBS greenlights cop cartoon from Louis CK, Greg Daniels, and Albert Brooks

TBS has acquired a new animated series—tentatively titled The Cops—from three of the biggest names in comedy: Louis CK, Greg Daniels, and Albert Brooks. The series—developed through CK’s production deal with FX—would feature him and Brooks as police officers, dead-panning their way through their efforts to protect and serve.

C.K. has become a prolific TV producer in recent years; besides his own Louie and Horace And Pete, he‘s served as a guiding force on shows like Baskets and Pamela Adlon’s Better Things. Daniels is one of the most successful TV writers of the last 20 years, having created or co-created The Office, Parks And Recreation, and beloved cartoon sitcom King Of The Hill. Albert Brooks, meanwhile, is Albert Brooks; not just a generation-defining comic force, but also the deliverer of what might be the most beloved cartoon voice performance of all time.

TBS executive Brett Weitz poked a little fun at the show’s impressive pedigree in a press release announcing the series. “We have made the bold decision to put Louis C.K., Albert Brooks, and Greg Daniels at the forefront of what is going to be a serious push into animated comedy for TBS in 2018. I only hope these newbies know what they’re doing.”

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