Grab ’em by the Lawsuit



Donald Trump will be sued for sexual misconduct and inappropriate sexual contact says famed discrimination attorney Gloria Allred. Allred will be representing the victim and will host a press conference later this afternoon in Los Angeles.

Trump has a long history of being accused of sexual misconduct and sexual abuse. During his campaign, at least 13 women came forward to talk about claims that Trump had been sexually inappropriate, with allegations stretching as far back as the 1980’s.  One of the most prominent accusers is Trump’s first wife, Ivana, who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her during their marriage.

A former contestant on Trump’s reality game show “The Apprentice” also held a press conference in November with Allred by her side and teared up while she read her accusations against the billionaire.

“Mr. Trump stated that after the election he would file lawsuits against me and the other accusers he sexually assaulted,” Summer Zervos said while also claiming she’d been threatened and bullied and her business “targeted,” according to People magazine.

It is speculated that Allred is pushing for this lawsuit before Trump takes office this Friday, to prevent him  from benefiting from  legal immunity to  lawsuits that a sitting president is granted.

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