Time for a White Revisionist History Lesson

wince-cellarMaine Governor Paul LePage (R) took time Tuesday to comment on the ongoing battle between President elect Donald Trump and civil right leader John Lewis. LePage offered an impromptu history lesson and suggested that noted civil rights leader  John Lewis should “look at  history” and say “thank you” to the GOP for supporting various civil rights movements and anti racism efforts.

While on Maine WVOM’s “The George Hale and Ric Tyler show” LePage went on to chastise Lewis for not offering a thank you to the Republican Party for ending slavery and fighting  Jim Crow laws.

“You know, I will just say this. John Lewis ought to look at history. It was Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves. It was Rutherford B. Hayes and Ulysses S. Grant that fought against Jim Crow laws. A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice.”

Ulysses S. Grant was president from 1869 to 1877, prior to the start of Jim Crow, while his successor Rutherford B. Hayes was the president who oversaw the end of Reconstruction and the beginning of the Jim Crow era.

LePage also offered his commentary on Chellie Pingree, a Maine congresswoman who said she will not attend Trump’s inauguration. Pingree is among the 40+ House Democrats that have vowed to boycott the ceremony.  LePage remarked “For some reason, the left has become so hateful and so, they are trying to bully us out of believing our constitution if she won’t attend on Friday, I would advise her to resign.”
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