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Child rape victim terrified her attacker is back on the street

After two years of rapes, Tiffany finally got up the nerve to turn her rapist in. At age 14 she recorded McBrayer on a tape recorder and played it for her mother.

Soon McBrayer, an ex-cop, was locked up. He pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to two terms of 20 to 40 years in prison.

Then, last Easter Sunday, while Tiffany and her own teenage daughter were in the car at an intersection near their Roseville home, she saw the man of her nightmares at a traffic light. Tiffany says she was never notified he was out on parole.

Her attorney, Kerry Angie petitioned the court and managed to get McBrayer back behind bars but it was only temporary. Last week, McBrayer was again released into the public to a house, in Tiffany’s hometown.

This is his car so I went to the door of the house he now lives in to hear what McBrayer had to say. Whoever was behind the door recognized Rob Wolchek but wouldn’t give up McBrayer.

Rob Wolchek: “Is Richard here?”

Person behind the door: “I’m a very big fan or yours.  Do not do this.”

Rob Wolchek: “I’m just trying to talk to Richard.”

“I know, that’s not going to happen.”

Wolchek left a business card but haven’t heard from McBrayer. My questions to him would be is he still a danger?  Are kids in the neighborhood safe and is the victim he admitted to raping more than 20 years ago safe?

“Clearly I am terrified for myself, my family and for the public, that I would put myself out here like this,” Tiffany said.

In addition to defending the parole board, the attorney general’s office is planning to weigh in on Tiffany’s side – and try to put McBrayer behind bars.
A child rapist is back on the street and his victim is terrified.

Not only has the criminal been paroled, he’s now living just blocks away from her. The victim is afraid to go shopping, go to work or drive her car.  She’s afraid she’ll cross paths with the man who sexually assaulted her for years.

Why is he on parole and why is he living so close to her?

“It’s the police… no it’s Rob Wolchek”


“Rob Wolchek.”

This is the home of a child rapist. A man who’s spent 23 years behind bars and a man his victim still wants locked up.

“I’m more in fear now than ever,” said Tiffany.

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