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Elderly Korean woman gets attacked by a white woman in Los Angeles

News of an elderly Korean lady being struck to the ground by a Caucasian woman on the streets of Los Angeles is going viral.

It has been reported to be the first incident for a Korean in the United States to be attacked since Donald Trump‘s presidency.

According to Joongang Ilbo, a Korean-American who witnessed the entire scene posted the news on her Facebook page.  According to the witness, an elderly Korean woman was walking on the street when all of a sudden, a Caucasian woman came up to her yelling, “White power,” knocked the elderly lady to the ground, and took off.

The startled old woman injured her head after hitting the ground.  Fortunately, a person nearby ran after the racist woman and she was arrested by police.

The captured photo shows the fragile old lady on the ground, holding onto a cloth to stop the bleeding from her head.

It was revealed that the old woman had moved to the United States 30 years ago, and is a Korean-American living a solitude life in an apartment building close to where the attack took place.

Reading this, netizens raged commenting, “How can someone do such a harmful thing to a poor old woman, making her bleed like that,” “White power? Attacking an old lady is considered white power? You should be ashamed of yourself!” “White bullsh*t, crazy woman” “What is this American first talk about, sounds more like White first to me.”

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