Cops Assault Fellow Officer For Being Muslim

NYPD officer Danielle Alamrani was physically attacked and called a “Muslim bitch” as fellow cops tried to rip off the hijab she was wearing, accordng to a lawsuit recently filed in Manhattan.

Officer Alamrani became a cop in 2006 and converted to Islam In 2007, and claims that once she started wearing a headscarf on duty, her colleagues refused to work with her, and called her slurs.

According to the lawsuit, a sergeant joked  that Alamrani should not “detonate on patrol,” in front of her colleagues. And on Christmas day in 2012, two officers allegedly attacked Alamrani at the precinct and tried to physically remove her hijab, the lawsuit states.

“They were screaming that nobody liked Plaintiff Alamrani while she did this and referred to Plaintiff Alamrani as a ‘Muslim bitch’ and said ‘I will punch you in the face,'” according to the religious discrimination suit.

According to court papers, Alamrani, 38, was told her hijab was a safety hazard and was given non-patrol assignments, such as desk duty or security posts, which affected Alamrani’s chances of earning overtime.

She was also called names like “terrorist” and “Taliban” and was told daily that she was “a disgrace to the NYPD,” the suit claims.

Court papers noted that Alamrani received a religious accommodation in 2009 to wear a hijab at work.

Alamrani said she reported the harassment to a supervisor, who notified the department’s equal employment opportunity office, but it allegedly kept up even after a complaint was filed, court papers said.


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