Hoover school leaders want to know who wrote ‘N***** Month’ on a lunchtable


A social media post with racist remarks caught eye of Hoover school leaders. One parent made sure ABC 33/40 saw those remarks from the school’s cafeteria. School leaders are working to find out who wrote the words.

Finding who’s responsible is proving to be a tough task. Hoover High School is large school and nearly 1,000 students can be in the lunchroom at one time. School leaders and the resource officers are scanning surveillance video looking for who wrote the N-word while making a reference to Black History month.

The racially charged word created several busy hours for the leaders of Hoover City Schools.


“We are looking into it. We are investigating it. If we find the students, who apparently put this on a table, they will be dealt with according to our Student Code of Conduct and Policy,” said Hoover City Schools’ Spokesman Jason Gaston.

ABC 33/40 learned from a parent her child saw the word and took a picture. The student, according to her mother, was one of several who saw the words Friday.

“Some of the elements coming to us from the students are not quite adding up. We are trying to figure out what’s true, what’s false and where the facts are going to lead us,” added Gaston.

School leaders discovered the words, shared on social media via Snapchat, might have been written during the lunch period more than a week ago.

“We do believe this was from inside the lunchroom. We are very disturbed by it. We have zero tolerance for anything of this nature,” added Gaston.

School resources officers are scanning hours of surveillance video recorded in the cafeteria.

The search is proving difficult.

“We are not sure how many eyewitnesses there were or from whose social media account the photo originated,” added Gaston.

Gaston said none of the schools in his district have room for hate. All practice a zero tolerance policy. He mentioned Hoover High is a very large and diverse high school with a lot of clubs and organizations catering to all types of students. One is a diversity council.

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