Trump celebrates black history month by Giving police more power.

trump_flicker_face_yessWithin minutes of formally swearing in Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as attorney general, Donald Trump signed three executive orders to deal with “public safety”, including handing more authority to the police.

Trump insisted that the US faced the “threat of rising crime” and that “things will get better very soon”. He then outlined the new mandate that Mr Sessions would have, including tackling crime, drug cartels and terrorism.

“I am directing the Department of Justice to reduce crimes and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers,” he said.

“These dangerous times require a determined attorney general,” trump said.  He added that rising crime rates had become  a “dangerous, permanent trend” in the United States. He also promised to “end this lawlessness” of illegal immigration.

135 police officers were killed in the US last year. Around half of them – 64 officers – were fatally shot while on the job, including 21 who were killed in an ambush-style attack. The number also includes traffic accidents and job-related health issues, for example, heart attacks while working.

No mention was made by Mr Trump of the hundreds of people who die at the hands of law enforcement every year.

There were 1,153 deaths last year, according to The Washington Post, and more than 130 people so far in 2017, according to killedbypolice.net.

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