Children at faith school told to shun classmate with transgender parent


Teachers at a school in Manchester, U.K. have told pupils to stop talking to one of their classmates after it they found out she has a transgender parent. Authorities have been  urged to act amid concerns the alleged treatment could breach equality legislation which schools must adhere to.

The child is a member of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and attends a strict faith school.

The Jewish Telegraph reports: “Classmates have been told not to communicate with her ‘in any way’. The instruction came from their teachers, they say.

“The youngsters wrote a heart-rending letter to the girl, saying that if they saw her they would be forced to ignore her. But they added that they would always love her and that they would pray for her.”

The school, which cannot be named in order to protect the child’s identity, is understood to be a private Jewish school serving children in the local area who are members of the strict ultra-orthodox Jewish community. Some strict interpretations of the faith believe that being transgender represents a rejection of the Community and that trans individuals would as such be shunned.

In addition to being shunned at their current school, the girl’s family fear that they are unable to change to another school, as all the Jewish faith schools in the area will now refuse to let their child enroll due to  transphobia among members of the community.

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