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Princess Nokia defends herself against sexist fan

Princess Nokia allegedly punched an audience member during her performance at a Cambridge University charity event last week after he targeted her with verbal abuse on stage.

The New York rapper performed at a charity fashion show on 15 February but left the stage after three songs, according to a post on the university’s forum for women and non-binary people of colour, Fly, when a white male student “harassed her during her performance” and mouthed “dirty obscenities like, show me your tits.’”

She then allegedly asked an audience member “are you being disrespectful?”, threw a drink over him, and leapt off the stage before hitting him three times, according to front-row witnesses.

Princess Nokia returned to the stage, threw another drink at the crowd and said“I’m so sorry, but when a white boy disrespects you, you punch him in the fucking face.” She then stormed off the stage, ending the concert just two and a half songs into her set.

The Charity Fashion Show took place on the evening of Wednesday 15 February, and was raising money for The Douglas Bader Foundation.

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