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Man makes horrible menstrual aid, blames lesbians for critiques

Chiropractor Daniel Dopps’ patent for a new menstrual product was just published last month, and  he truly believes that this product can totally revolutionize the menstrual marketplace and help women everywhere be more productive while menstruating. The catch? You have to glue your labia shut.
The way Mensez (Men says?) works is that you just take the lipstick looking tube and  slide it on your labia to seal it, and then go to work with labia stuck together  until you have to pee, at which point your urine unsticks the glue and all your menstrual fluid just comes out along with your pee.  Dopps explains how this works on his LinkedIn page:
“Mensez feminine lipstick is a natural patented compound of amino acids and oil in a lipstick applicator that is applied to the labia minora and causes them to cling together in a manner strong enough to retain menstrual fluid in the vestibule above the labia minora where the vaginal opening and urethra exit. The Mensez compound is instantly washed away with urine, which releases the menstrual fluid along with the urine into the toilet every time a woman urinates. No pads or tampons are needed. Safe, secure and clean. #MenstruationMatters #Mensez”

He continues with A response to criticism from women who Do not want to glue their labia together-

“Yes, I am a man and you as a woman, should have come up with a better solution than diapers and plugs, but you didn’t. Reason being women are focused on and distracted by your period 25% of the time, making them far less productive than they could be. Some tend to be far more creative than men, but their periods that stifle them and play with their heads. Do you realize that most skin care products and makeup were developed by men? You said that Mensez sounds incredibly awful, it is not. Even though women are secretive and try to hide the fact periods CAN be gross, crusty, smelly and incredibly awful. The period itself is none of that but rather the Diapers that women are forced to accept are gross and in creditably awful, no matter what color they make them or the cute names they give them, they are still diapers, and women have been duped into thinking they are wonderful. NOT True. With Mensez seals in the blood and fluids, they are sterile as long as they are inside the body and all the grossness is from the leakage into undergarments, the drying effects of air and the bacteria contamination that comes along with tampon plugs and pads. I realize that Mensez is very different and may take some time for women to work through the idea. My dream is to have women free of the distractions, the psychological issues that goes along with their periods, and see what they develop.”

(this Facebook comment has since been deleted).

In a phone conversation with Forbes’ Kavin Senapathy, Dopps says he believes that the negative reaction to his product is because “a lot of the LGBT community, lesbians in particular, are furious at me because I’m a white straight man,” rather than the fact that his product is stupid and suggests a complete misunderstanding of how human anatomy even works. Dopps appears to believe that menstrual blood comes from the urethra, where urine is expelled, rather than from the vagina, and he’s designed the product based on that faulty assumption.

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