Former cop denies raping woman as part of fake undercover scheme

SAN ANTONIO – A bogus undercover police operation began to unravel when a woman who had been recruited to take part in the operation claimed she had been raped.

The two former San Antonio police officers accused, Alejandro Chapa, 31, and Emmanuel Galindo, 33, have since lost their jobs and are on trial facing sexual assault, compelling prostitution and official oppression charges.

A Texas Ranger conducting the investigation into the woman’s rape claim interviewed Chapa. That three-hour interview recorded on video was played for the jury Thursday.

During the interview, Chapa repeatedly denied the woman’s rape claims.

“I don’t have sex with her,” Chapa said during the interview. “I did not have sex with her. I don’t even know what she looks like.”

According to earlier testimony, the men would offer women high-paying jobs to take part in what they were told was a covert undercover operation to snare terrorists, drug lords and other high-profile criminals.

As part of their “training,” the women were asked to perform sex acts with the men as part of the preparation for their roles to pose as the men’s wives and girlfriends.

If they are convicted, the former officers face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Testimony is expected to continue Friday in Judge Steve Hilbig’s 187th District Court.

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