Man charged in attack against trans woman

Prosecutors charged a 23-year-old Woodinville man with a hate crime this week, alleging he threatened and attacked a transgender woman in Seattle due to her gender orientation.

The woman invited a co-worker, Anthony Del-Toro, to her Columbia City apartment the evening of Jan. 10, Seattle police reports say.

After the two were intimate, he reportedly noticed her Metro pass, which featured a photo of her before her gender transition. The discovery prompted Del-Toro to become “visibly upset,” according to police.

Though the woman tried to calm him down, telling him to leave and let the matter go, Del-Toro allegedly grew angry enough to scare the woman and cause her to leave her apartment.

Del-Toro reportedly followed the woman out of her apartment and pushed her and yelled at her.

He allegedly said, “You know what I do to people like you?” and punched her in the face, bloodying her nose.

Police say Del-Toro called her slurs and claimed that if he had a knife he would “cut your throat” and kill her.

The woman escaped to a different area of the apartment complex.

When she later returned to her apartment, she found several items were damaged, including flat screen televisions, her entertainment center and her stereo, amounting to more than $1,500 in damage. She also believes Del-Toro stole $20.

King County prosecutors charged Del-Toro with malicious harassment — Washington’s hate crime law — and felony harassment, which indicates a threat to kill.

Del-Toro had not been arrested at the time of the charging, but prosecutors requested $100,000 bail should he be detained

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