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Republican couple is shocked their business crashed in a democratic city

In an interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend” the owners of Worlds of Music Chicago said that their support for U.S. President Donald Trump is the reason why they are closing down their store in April.

Suzanne Monk said she and her husband Alexander Duvel were “outed” as Trump supporters after they posted about the rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago that protesters had shut down.

Monk explained: “We actually drew some attention from the left, and they ‘outed’ us at that point as Trump supporters.”

Monk added that they have been exposed to constant online threats and their sales started dropping since being “outed”. Moreover, their support for the President has caused their friends to be circumspect about recommending the music store to others.

Duvel described their predicament as “like I was just becoming more of a liability to [friends] because they couldn’t associate or recommend my shop to do business simply because of their peer group being so seriously anti-Trump.”

Monk remarked that a lot of people they had been acquainted with for many years decided that she and her husband were “xenophobes and white supremacists” for no other reason than that they voted for Trump.

Although Worlds of Music Chicago will be shutting down its retail operations, it will direct its efforts on online sales and repairs.

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