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American who made bomb threats against Jewish centers is apprehended

American Michael Kaydar is suspected of perpetrating more than 100 bomb threats against Jewish institutions used technologies including Google Voice, a call forwarding service, and Bitcoin, a digital currency, to make the threats.

According to an article in The Daily Beast, the 19-year-old Kaydar is dual citizen of Israel and the United States. Israel’s anti-fraud squad arrested Kaydar at his home in southern Israel and searched the premises on Thursday. He also is accused of a series of threats made in Europe, Australia and New Zealand in the past six months, according to reports in Israel. He also is reported to have called in threats to the Israel Police two months ago regarding Israeli educational institutions.

To mask his identity, Kaydar used a technology called SpoofCard that masks a number’s caller ID, according to the Daily Beast. When police subpoenaed SpoofCard’s parent company to trace the call’s real number, they learned that he had called from a disposable Google Voice number.

He paid for SpoofCard through Bitcoin, also untraceable, and routed his internet through proxies, making his IP address untraceable as well. In addition, Kaydar masked his voice in the calls to sound like a woman.

Kaydar was caught after he forgot to trace his internet connection through a proxy server, allowing police to trace his IP address, which led to his home.


Update— The Israeli police have supplied a motive. Kaydar reportedly began making the calls after the army refused to accept him for military service, apparently on medical grounds.

Quoting Israeli police sources, Israel’s Channel 10 news said the army rejection infuriated and depressed him, and made him determined to show “what he was capable of.”

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