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Men’s rights activist proves men need more rights by being elected to the state house

A Republican lawmaker from New Hampshire that has been accused of creating a misogynistic online forum is today resisting calls for his resignation. Details of his online activity surfaced after an investigation from journalist Bonnie Bacarisse.

Last November, voters in New Hampshire  re-elected Robert Fisher to the state house of representatives. The man also appears to be one of the secret architects of the internet’s misogynistic “Manosphere.”
The homegrown son of a preacher, 31-year-old  Fisher is a Republican who represents New Hampshire’s Belknap County District 9. In addition to his legislative duties, Fisher owns a local computer-repair franchise, which he bought from fellow MRA Joshua Youssef, and in his spare time, seems to have created the web’s most popular online destination for pickup artistry and men’s rights activists, The Red Pill, according an investigation by the Daily Beast.

An investigation into Fisher’s online aliases found a trail of posts linking the lawmaker to the username Pk_atheist, the creator of The Red Pill—an online Reddit community of nearly 200,000 subscribers that promotes itself as a “discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.”

It’s possible that now, four-and-a-half years after Red Pill’s founding, Fisher may regret his creation. When reached for comment by phone, Fisher denied participation in the Red Pill forum, claiming not to know what The Red Pill was. Though he did say he had heard of the men’s rights movement, he said he hadn’t heard of PUA. “What is a pickup artist?” he asked.

“Marriage, and yes, female oppression, slut shaming, religion, these were all a means to control (infidelity),” Fisher wrote in 2012, according to the Daily Beast. “Marriages might be considered loveless, and women might have been unhappy, but for men it meant marriages that lasted, commitments that continued, and protection against the fickle whims of females.”

Fisher’s online posts also attack women for their “sub-par intelligence,” and he said their “personalities are “lackluster and boring, serving little purpose in day to day life,” reported The Daily Beast.

Fisher often said Women were uninteresting, immature, unintelligent, lacked depth, and were entitled. He bemoaned that dating was easier for women. He felt it was unjust that women get a free ride, believing ‘a pair of boobs grants [them] equal footing with somebody bringing intelligence or a personality.’”

He wrote, ‘I’m going to say it—rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.’” Bacarisse wrote. “Though he stated he ‘doesn’t advocate breaking the law,’ Fisher said online in 2012 that a 40-year-old man asking to see the breasts of a 15-year-old wasn’t creepy. Instead, he said it was ‘evolutionarily advantageous and perfectly natural.’”

“It is literally the [female] body that makes enduring these things worth it,” he said in another comment.

Other New Hampshire politicians are already calling for Fisher’s resignation. Less than 12 hours after the Daily Beast went live with the story, State Rep. Amelia Keane of Nashua, executive director of the New Hampshire Young Democrats, issued a statement decrying Fisher for the allegations made in the report, and called for his fellow Republicans to call for his resignation, too.

“There is no excuse for the type of hateful and ignorant rhetoric anywhere in our state, none the less from someone elected to our State House to serve the men and women in his community,” Keane’s statement reads. “If Rep. Fisher has any semblance of decency or shame left, he will resign his seat.”


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