Killer cop Clifford Proctor charged with domestic

A Los Angeles police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in Venice is now facing new allegations: that he committed domestic violence against two women in Orange County.

Prosecutors have charged Clifford Proctor with misdemeanor battery in connection with a September incident in Huntington Beach, marking the latest controversy to embroil the nine-year LAPD veteran.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is weighing whether to charge Proctor in the 2015 shooting of homeless Brendon Glenn during a scuffle near the Venice boardwalk. The killing was one of the most high-profile shootings by Los Angeles police in recent years and prompted Beck — for the first time as chief — to recommend criminal charges against an officer in an on-duty shooting. Proctor claimed Glenn was reaching for his partners gun and was in fear for his life, although video evidence didn’t support this allegation. The LAPD has since been engaged in a 4 million dollar settlement with Glenn’s family.

The D.A.’s office thus far has declined to file charges, citing the “nominal basis for criminal liability” and the fact that the alleged financial loss fell short of the threshold of a felony. District attorney’s officials instead referred the case to city prosecutors, who said there was insufficient evidence to warrant a criminal filing.

During his career, Proctor has been the subject of at least one other criminal inquiry, focused on whether he filed a false police report after making an arrest in November 2012, according to another D.A.’s memo. Although Proctor had omitted witness statements from the report — because they conflicted with what the victim had said, he told a detective — prosecutors ultimately decided he hadn’t committed a crime.

Proctor appeared in a Westminster, Calif., courtroom April 21 for a hearing related to the domestic abuse charges, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

The circumstances surrounding the domestic violence charges are unclear; at least one of the women has sought a restraining order against Proctor, but the request was sealed by the court. Neither woman has been identified.

Outside the courthouse, he declined to comment on the charges, except to say he did not see a correlation with the shooting being reviewed in Los Angeles.

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