Former NBA player shot while shielding children from gunfire

Brandon Roy, a former NBA star was shot Saturday, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. According to witnesses, two people approached a home where children were outside playing basketball. They open fired and Roy was struck in the leg, while shielding some of the children.

Authorities were unsure of a motive at this point, but a detective unit conducting the investigation gave a statement:
“The victims indicated they were standing in front of a residence watching children play basketball when they saw the suspects walking toward them. As the suspects approached their location, the victims heard multiple gunshots. The suspects immediately fled the area.”

Three other people were injured, but nobody was seriously wounded. All victims have since been treated and released from local hospitals.

The Portland Trail Blazers, the team Roy played for during five of his six NBA seasons, released the following statement:
“Like many others, we’re just learning of the injury suffered by former Trail Blazers player Brandon Roy in a shooting over the weekend in California. According to those reports, Brandon was wounded as a bystander, but is expected to recover. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brandon and his family during this time.”

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