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Children Deserve To Learn

It is literally a kid’s job to be curious. It’s how they figure out how to grow up. I hate the answer “you’re too young to understand”.

If they are old enough to ask the questions then they are old enough to have them answered. Finding a way to explain things to them to help them understand their world is your job as a parent.

Sometimes that’s really hard. And a lot of the time we get it wrong (cos most of us are learning how to get this parent thing down) but sometimes we get it right.

I think I got something right today, and wanted to share it, cos maybe it can be of some use to the next parent who gets asked a hard question.

Context: passing our local planned parenthood and the small human sees some of the more disturbing images on the protesters’ signage
Conversation: (M-me, D-small human)

D. “What is that picture mom?” (Picture of dismembered doll covered in fake blood)

M. “It’s not real”

D. “Then why do the have it”

M. “To scare people”

D. “Why?”

M. “Ooohhh that’s complicated”

D. “Can you explain it to me?”

M. “I can try, what questions do you have?”

D. “What is that place?”

M. “It’s a doctor’s clinic that helps people who want to have babies or sometimes helps people who don’t want to have babies”

D. “Why wouldn’t you want to have babies?”

M. “Lots of reasons, sometime people can’t afford it, or aren’t ready to be mommies and daddies, or some times people just don’t ever want to. Everyone has their own reasons”

D. “So why do those people have that picture?”

M. “Sometimes when people don’t want to have babies they go to that kind of doctor to stop them from having babies. And the people who have that picture think that God thinks that’s wrong”

D. “But not everyone believes in God.”

M. “No not everyone does”

*quiet for a few minutes*

D. “How do you stop from having a baby?”

M. “Lots of ways. Sometimes you can take medicine to make it so you can’t have a baby. And sometimes you start making cells that will turn into a baby but don’t want a baby. If that happens a doctor can give you medicine to stop those cells from turning into a baby. Or if the group of cells is too big for that medicine to work the doctor can give you surgery to take that ball of cells out of your body before it turns into a baby. Those people outside with the picture believe that God wants those cells to always turn into a baby once they start growing.”

D. “That doesn’t seem fair if the person doesn’t want it to”

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