Maria Claudia Gimenez Wilson: White Nazi Woman Punching Muslims

A 39-year-old journalism student punched four Muslim women in unprovoked attacks in Sydney, Australia.

Maria Claudia Gimenez Wilson was charged with assaulting women aged 18-23, who were all wearing hijabs, as they walked near University of Technology, Sydney.

Hanan Merheb, one of Wilson’s alleged victims stated she was listening to some music and minding her own business when she was punched in the face.

“She didn’t speak to me, didn’t run away, she just punched me and walked off, as casually as if she had just come to say hello,” Merheb said on her Facebook page. She also said another woman in a hijab was punched moments before her and yet another one was attacked after her.

A UTS lecturer, Kais Al-Momani witnessed the entire incident and rushed to help one of the women. He also took a snapshot of the woman’s face to provide to the campus security.

Thankfully, the women were only slightly injured and the alleged assailant was caught soon after by the police.

However, what’s maddening is the fact, that like many other white perpetrators of hate crime, the woman appears to be mentally unstable.

A report by Justice Health nurse insists that Wilson had schizoaffective disorder and “appears to be suffering persecutory beliefs.”

Vanya Hampel, Wilson’s attorney, told the court that her client’s previous convictions had been dealt under the Mental Health Act and the latest charges of assaults will be dealt with similarly.

No credence was given to the fact that the woman’s Facebook account was filled with far-right and anti-Islam posts, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

Wilson also unabashedly told the police she was motivated by her hatred towards Muslims and while her attorney was pleading her case, she interrupted the proceedings claiming she was not unwell.

“The only thing I did was to take a bull cut [sic] to a Muslim lady. I don’t see any problem with that,” the woman announced proudly.

However, what her victim said was on point.

“My God don’t ask me if I think this was a race/religion thing. And don’t try to tell me she was mentally ill. Even if that is the case, honestly I don’t even care. Stop making excuses dammit,” wrote Merheb.

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