Pacific Garbage patch updates for the week of 5/14/17.

Pacific Garbage patch

50 floating screens will clean the Pacific garbage patch next year

In a statement released yesterday, the organization has revealed that it plans to start cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in early 2018 using its newly redesigned cleaning system. That garbage patch is the biggest collection of debris in the
Atlanta Journal Constitution

50 plastic-eating machines to clean trash from Pacific Ocean

A Dutch organization is set to install technology systems to remove chunks and chunks of plastic from an infamous part of the Pacific Ocean known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. » RELATED: Can this plastic-eating bug save our planet? The area, also …
Sputnik International

Millions in Donations Allow Ocean Cleanup to Tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch

… like an artificial coastline, enabling ocean currents to catch and concentrate trash. The company claims the technology, already tested last year in the North Sea, will reduce the theoretical cleanup time of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from
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