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Sikh man stabbed to death in Idaho

22 year old Gagandeep Singh was stabbed to death by a passenger in his taxi on Tuesday in Bonner County, Idaho.

Singh, a software engineering student was attacked by a passenger whom he picked up from the Spokane International Airport.

Police have identified Singh’s attacker as 19-year-old Jacob Coleman, who flew from Seattle to Spokane to start a new semester at Gonzaga University, but was denied entry because his paperwork hadn’t been completed. Coleman claims he began having “homicidal thoughts” after being unable to access the campus.

Coleman, a resident of Puyallup, Washington, asked Singh to drive him to a fictitious friend’s house in Bonner County, Idaho. When Singh became suspicious and couldn’t find the address Coleman provided, Coleman stabbed Singh.

Coleman attacked Singh with the knife he bought from a local store on the way near East Rail Road Avenue and surrendered to the local police at the crime scene.

Coleman has been charged with first-degree murder.

While police have yet to declare this a hate crime, Singh’s family released a statement saying:

“Singh  became a victim of racial hatred. As the Trump government is now showing exit doors to the Asians due to few job opportunities, Indians and Asians as a whole are becoming the victims of racial hatred.”

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