Man breaks into woman’s home so he doesn’t have to drink alone

According to police, a man in  Pennsylvania allegedly broke into a woman’s home and refused to leave because he didn’t want to drink alone.

Thirty-nine-year-old Sean Haller, of Stewartstown, carrying two 12-packs of beer, broke into the woman’s house, sat on her couch and refused to leave. Haller now faces multiple charges including criminal trespassing and remained in the York County jail on Monday.

Southern Regional police say a woman called them on Sept. 12 to report Haller had entered her home and refused to leave. Police say Haller had done the same thing in another woman’s home earlier that day.

Police found Haller in the second woman’s home and say he refused to leave, even though there were children inside. They say officers had to go inside and get him.

He faces a preliminary hearing Nov. 1.

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