Mom faces jail time for refusing to vaccinate her children

Detroit, MI-  Rebecca Bredow, a mother of two, told WXYZ-TV on Wednesday that she must vaccinate her 9-year-old son by next week under a judge’s order or she could go to jail.

 Bredow believes she has the right to choose whether to inoculate her child based on her “knowledge of vaccines”.

“I would rather sit behind bars for standing up for what I believe in, than giving into something I strongly don’t believe in,” she told the station. “God forbid he were to be injured by one of the vaccines. Then what? That’s what scares me. I would have to take care of him.”

Bredow said after reading books she applied for a waiver, which the state of Michigan allows for “religious convictions or other objections to immunization”. But the mother-of-two and her ex-husband became locked in a court battle over their son’s medical rights. Bredow and her ex-husband, James Horne, separated in 2008 and have joint legal custody, according to ABC-TV. She says he wants their son to receive all of his vaccinations but she is opposed.

State law requires each student in public and private schools to possess a certificate of immunization. The American Academy of Pediatrics website stresses the importance and safety of vaccines on its website.

Benton Richardson, a lawyer for Horne – told ABC-TV that a court sided with Horne in November of 2016, ordering Bredow to vaccinate her son. Horne’s name was listed as James in court records but ABC reported his name as Jason.

“It is our position that this case is not truly about vaccinations,” Richardson said. “It is a case about Ms. Bredow refusing to comport with any number of the court’s orders and actively seeking to frustrate Mr. Horne’s joint legal custody rights.”

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