Alex Jones selling lead contaminated products to his listeners 

“If we want to defeat the globalists,” says Alex Jones in an Infowars video published last year, “we have to understand they’re using medical tyranny against us. But to get us into that globalist-controlled system, they want to make us unhealthy.” He cites fluoridated water, modified crops and cancers deployed as a form of government control. In order to combat this alleged “medical tyranny” Jones has come up with his own line of healthcare products. 

However, According to the Oakland-based Center of Environmental Health, Infowars’ Caveman Paleo Formula and another supplement called Myco-ZX contain high levels of lead.

CEH reported that, “People who take the daily recommended dose of the Formula product would ingest more than twice the daily limit for lead under California law.”
Those who took the Myco-ZX supplements faced a greater risk. A single dose of Myco-ZX, which is also meant to be taken daily, contains more than six times the daily limit for lead in California, CEH stated.

Caveman Paleo Formula is advertised as a “bone broth drink mix” that “harnesses the power of ancient supernutrients with cutting edge nutraceutical science.” Ingredients include bee pollen and turmeric root. Myco-ZX supposedly offers “an all-natural blend of potent herbs and enzymes” to help the body’s “detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms.”

According to EPA, lead exposure causes sperm damage and reduced sperm production in men as well as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and delayed puberty in both men and women. Research has found that even low levels cause brain damage in children.

Ironically, Jones supplements’ are often marketed as enhancing male virility.

CEH, a national health watchdog, has taken legal action under California’s Proposition 65 against Infowars and its affiliate for failing to warn consumers about the high levels of lead in their products. It also is urging the company to recall products already sold.

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