White Christians

Starbucks gives white snowflakes to the white snowflakes this holiday season 

This year Starbucks has opted for a predominantly white holiday cup. The coffee chain’s latest holiday design lets customers color it in themselves. This year the cups feature splashes of red and green amid illustrations of presents, snowflakes and a Christmas tree with star on top. But the black-and white illustration is mainly blank for customers to personalize. Seattle-based Starbucks Corp. says most of its U.S. stores will have colored pencils for people to borrow.

The company says the cups — which are typically red-themed — will be in stores today. 

A plainer red cup in 2015 spurred an outcry from critics upset that it lacked snowflakes, reindeer or specific symbols of Christmas. Even President Donald Trump, who was a candidate at the time, suggested boycotting the chain.

Happy holidays!

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