Sheriff encourages citizens to arm and “neutralize threats”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd called on residents to arm themselves to be prepared for the next active-shooter situation. He called the Sutherland springs, Texas gunman “a nut” and “mentally deranged, obviously.” Then he added, “Someone’s got to be there with a gun to stop them.”
“I mean, think about it,” he says in the video. “He shows up with an AR-15 and a lot of ammunition, sure it’s easy to kill people when there’s no one there shooting back. But all of that changed when the neighbor shows up with a gun and starts shooting at him.”

Judd is referring to Stephen Willeford, a local man who exchanged shots with gunman Devin P. Kelley, who killed and wounded dozens inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Willeford, along with bystander Johnnie Langendorff, engaged Kelley in a high-speed car chase before his car veered off the roadway into a ditch. Officials found Kelley dead and said the autopsy revealed that he was shot twice — in the leg and torso — before shooting himself in the head.

Judd encouraged his viewers to sign up for free active-shooter prevention training with his office so they are able to protect themselves.

“I’ve always had the basic philosophy that a good person with a gun is an attribute, not a danger,” he told The Washington Post on Tuesday.

“As long as we live in denial that it can’t happen to me and there’s not someone there ready to fight back, then those that want to harm us can freely harm us because there’s not going to be any resistance,” he said.

There will always be “mentally ill people” and “terrorists” who try to kill others, Judd told The Post, so it is better for people to be prepared.

“I mean, go back through the shootings. Historically, there’s no active resistance,” he said. “Gosh, it’s easy to go in a one-room schoolhouse, it’s easy to go into Virginia Tech, or a theater, or Columbine, or any other place and shoot people up indiscriminately if there’s no defense there.”

Judd’s tactical advice for responsible gun owners confronted with an active shooter situation?

“Shoot them. Shoot them a lot until the threat’s neutralized.”

Judd also mad headlines during hurricane Irma when he told sexual offenders and anyonewith warrants to steer clear of shelters during the storm. 

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