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Reading In The Shade With Phoenix Calida 11/27/17

Reading In The Shade With Phoenix Calida

1 marines get drunk and disturb the peace in Japan, are punished with a time out.

An unarmed marine is being held after allegedly causing a fatal car accident while under the influence of alcohol. All military personnel are now required to remain on base pending investigation.

2 #Goodcops try to bring business across stateliness and attempt to distribute stolen narcotics. Federal agents busted a ring Baltimore cops sending stolen drugs to Philadelphia cops to be sold.

3 massage envy chain enables rapists and brushes hundreds of sexual assault claims under the rug.

4 Oklahoma DA introduces new money making scheme that will Use electronic system to automatically scan and fine uninsured drivers

5 rant- stop using your oppressed friends to do your labor. We don’t exist for to step in when social media is hard for you; you can’t separate our labor from us

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