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Hotep Holidaze – Umar’s King Kong Konscious Kriss Miss

But Wait… There’s More!

Imani Gandi hates Black Steel Workers because they’re white or something.

White Vegans Behaving Badly.

Woke Christmas Carols.

Girl Scouts Teach Some Consent Lessons Around Affection.

Study: White Medical Students Hold Outrageous Theories About Black Biology, Explaining Why Black Patients Are Under-Treated for Pain

Princess Michael sorry for ‘racist’ brooch

Paul Ryan says what Republicans have been saying in backrooms for years… except he says it at a press conference

This white crowd turned its back on an all-black basketball team at a high school game.

These women formed a safe haven for victims–very powerful.

Cornell West VS Black Neoliberals.

White scientists have descienced showering n’stuff.

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