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Adriane Bracciale for Attorney General

This administration loves to talk about small government and states’ rights – until it benefits working class people. Under my watch, California will continue to resist the policies of the Trump/Pence/Sessions administration that hurt the people of California.

No cooperation between California law enforcement and Border Patrol/ICE.

No immigration holds on people arrested for state crimes. No participation in turning people over to be deported. Prosecutors will receive training on the law mandating them to take immigration consequences into account when prosecuting legal residents and undocumented immigrants (this can tie into elimination of bias continuing legal education that is mandatory for all lawyers).

No collusion between California and the Feds on their draconian stance on marijuana.

The people of California have spoken. Marijuana is legal here and it’s here to stay. I would oversee a review of past prosecutions under laws changed by Prop 64, with a priority toward anyone currently incarcerated who should be released. There are convictions that need to be reversed and felony convictions that need to be reduced to misdemeanors. The burden should not be on those prosecuted to file petitions, especially if incarcerated. For decades, there has been disproportionate punishment of people of color in the war on drugs from policing through sentencing, and I won’t stand for a racial divide where past marijuana policy is still punishing many while others profit.

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