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Fox Business Guest Says Parkland Kids Acting Like They’re ‘Bulletproof’

The attack on the Parkland kids continues unabated on Fox and Fox Business News. They don’t know what they’re doing, they’re too young to vote so why should they try to make laws?, they’re being manipulated by outside groups, they’re drunk on being media darlings, other kids with alternative viewpoints (massacres are good?) aren’t being heard. Yadda yadda yadda.

Here, Lou Dobbs and company hit every cliché in the book to discredit them


Fox News reports on a 14 year old Political Prodigy who’s advice has been known to be respected among conservatives. The Prodigy Jonathan Krohn is celebrating his fourteenth birthday on the day of this interview. Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Transgender woman Naomi Hersi murdered in London hotel room

Naomi Hersi was found with knife injuries near to Heathrow Airport and pronounced

 dead a

t the scene 30 minutes later.

The 36-year-old, who lived in Mill Hill, north London, was described on social media as a “tennis lover, music junkie, film and tv addict”.

In a horrific twist, Hersi’s final post to Twitter was a Vice article titled “Trans Women of Color Face an Epidemic of Violence and Murder”.

Neighbours paid tribute to Hersi, who was of Somali origin and had also lived in the US.


One neighbour told Evening Standard: “She was fun to be around and a real character. She was into music and tennis. She was a nice person.

Florida woman arrested for attacking husband for forgetting their anniversary

Pasco County deputies say that the fight between 35-year-old Carol Stone and her husband began as a verbal argument because he forgot the anniversary date.

According to the victim, the argument turned physical when Stone allegedly smacked him multiple times on the head and face, leaving red marks and scratches, according to an arrest report.




Florida deputy arrested for soliciting Sex Work Services on Facebook, deputies say

The report says he


 agreed to pay $75 and asked her to meet him at the Circle K on State Road 20.

He texted the woman and said, “I am waiting for you” when he got there.



He was arrested and taken to the Putnam County Jail.

Dean is facing a misdemeanor charge for solicitation. His bond amount was set at $500. 


Former Memphis City Schools board member, pastor arrested on stalking charges

EMPHIS, Tenn. – A former Memphis City Schools board member and pastor is behind bars on stalking chargers. 

Hubon Sandridge, 67, was arrested for stalking a victim through Facebook Messenger. According to the police affidavit we obtained, Sandridge started messaging a lady through Facebook on Jan. 27, 2018. He began sending sexually explicit messages about things he wanted to do to the victim. 

The victim told police the messages made her feel uneasy and afraid to go into public. 

On March 21, Sandridge was advised by police to leave the victim alone or he would be arrested. Two days later, on March 23, the vicitim called police again saying Sandridge messaged her on Facebook. 

Sandridge was taken into police custody and is currently at 201 Poplar. 

He will face a judge Monday, March 26 at 9 a.m. 

Council member, former girls basketball coach sent nude photos to student

Chad Pindell (Source: Indiana State Police)Chad Pindell (Source: Indiana State Police)

RIPLEY COUNTY, IN (FOX19) –A Ripley County, Indiana, council member faces sex charges related to alleged misconduct while he was an assistant coach with the Jac-Cen-Del High School girls basketball team in Osgood, Indiana.

Indiana State Police arrested Chad Pindell, 36, of Napoleon, Sunday afternoon. Pindell represents Ripley County District 3 on council. His four-year term is set to expire this year, and he is up for reelection in May, according to County Clerk Ginger Bradford.

Investigators say Pindell contacted a 17-year-old Jac-Cen-Del High School student through social media early this year and sent nude photos of himself to the girl. At some point, he and the student allegedly engaged in sexual activity while at the high school.

Pindell is charged with child seduction and dissemination of harmful material to a minor — both felonies.

Police began investigating in February 2018 when they were contacted after Jac-Cen-Del Community School Corporation became aware of possible improper behavior between Pindell and a female student at the high school.

At the time, Pindell was a volunteer assistant coach for the Jac-Cen-Del High School girls basketball team. School documents show that Pindell resigned from his volunteer coach position Feb. 19.

Pindell is in Ripley County Jail without bond until he appears in circuit court.

Police say the Ripley County Prosecutor’s Office and the Indiana Department of Child Services assisted in the investigation and arrest.

Prison guards ordered transgender visitor to strip, lawsuit claims

A trans woman is suing a prison after officers allegedly demanded to see her genitals before letting her visit her brother.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this week, 48-year-old China Nelson began her case against a Louisiana state prison after she claims she was barred from entering the prison for refusing to be strip-searched.

According to NBC News, Nelson was prevented from entering the maximum security prison after a full body scanner detected an “unknown object” in her trousers.

Nelson claims that she had been approved as a visitor in Louisiana State Penitentiary for over 14 years prior to the visit in 2017, and had never been asked to strip before.



“I think this was a new machine or a new screening process,” said Galen Hair, the attorney representing Nelson in the case.

The lawsuit states that after a full body scan, a prison officer asked identified something in Nelson’s underwear. Nelson then said she was trans, using her driving licence to help explain her situation to the officer.

“When an unknown guard stated that she saw ‘something’ in Ms. Nelson’s pants, Ms. Nelson acknowledged that she was born a male as indicated on her driver’s license in an effort to explain the ‘something’ the guard stated she saw,” the lawsuit states.


However, after being escorted to a men’s bathroom by two guards, Nelson refused to strip.

The officers then reportedly told Nelson that she “would have to reveal her genitalia before being permitted to leave the premises,” and then demanded to search her car.

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Nelson accepted the search of her car but once again refused to be strip-searched.

Prison officers then reportedly cancelled the entire visit, preventing Nelson’s mother and brother from visiting her other brother.

Attorney Galen Hair highlighted the rare and discriminatory nature of the incident and stated that Nelson should have been treated like any other visitor.

“Surely, the (prison) is not strip-searching every man who goes through the machine,” Hair wrote.

President of Louisiana Trans Advocates Dylan Waguespack hit out at the ways trans people are treated in prison, both in Louisiana and more generally.


Waguespack said that trans prisoners were frequently “housed incorrectly,” whilst in prison and faced abuse and harassment from officers and fellow inmates.

He described discriminatory treatment against trans people as a “widespread problem.”

Reading prison

In a letter after the incident, the deputy warden of the Louisiana prison told Nelson that she would be unable to visit the prison for six months.

The deputy warden defended the prison’s actions, writing: “Security advised you of the shakedown policy and the strip search would be based on your driver’s license.”

“Security tried to explain but you continued to interrupt.”

(Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

The deputy warden continued to say that Nelson’s visit was denied as her family members became aggressive. Nelson denies this.

According to court documents, Nelson is seeking compensation for “emotional distress” as well as asking for a court order to ban discrimination against visitors.

A Massachusetts woman made headlines earlier this month after the Massachusetts Department of Corrections refused to move her to a woman’s prison.

The unnamed woman, who has been living as female for 40 years, told her representatives that she is being forcibly strip-searched, groped and harassed after being jailed for a non-violent drugs offence in a men’s prison.

Kevin Swanson Blames Austin Bombings On Superhero Movies

On his radio program today, radical anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson weighed in on the string of deadly bombings that rocked Austin, Texas, in recent weeks, which he blamed on superhero movies that glorify vigilantism and anarchy.


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